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Meir and Gal Ezra

Guaranteed Prosperity was founded in 2012 by Meir Ezra, an international entrepreneur with multi-million dollar businesses and clients across the globe.


GP (as our clients call it) established itself as the only coaching and seminar business that guarantees its results.

Meir had been speaking and consulting for 15 years prior, to help friends and colleagues on the side, and so it came as a natural progression from helping friends casually to establishing a platform from which many others can benefit as well.

Meir's son, Gal Ezra, grew up to achieve a wide range of success in his own right (starting his first multi-million dollar company by 25), and yet always had the dream of helping others by working with his father. 

Joining Guaranteed Prosperity, GP is now a father and son team that works closely in delivering courses across a wide range of subjects including business, relationships, wealth, and more - all with the aim of expanding GP to help more people and create a golden age of prosperity for the world.

At GP, we know that by improving the individual, you improve the team, the business, the family, and the planet - this is our purpose.



Meir Ezra is a spiritual entrepreneur - a unique combination of business with spirituality. Meir believes that if you focus on money only, your life will never be a true success, because what is money good for without love, personal fulfillment and growth across all areas of life? Additionally, practicing spirituality only, with no ties to money, will never lead to true success - because enlightenment without being able to pay your bills, going hungry, or amassing debt simply isn't true success either.


Meir's combination of both led him to achieve much true success in his life... Israeli born and raised, after completing six years in a top unit in the Israeli submarines, Meir went to travel the Far East, including hiking through the Himalayas. 


Meir then moved to South Africa, where he established his company which grew to $100 million within 3 months by the age of 31. He went on to establish multiple companies across the globe, has many inventions and patents to his name and has invested in countless businesses.


Meir is a philanthropist - involved in various community projects ranging from getting people off drugs to helping children learn, and has donated millions of dollars to charitable organizations.


He has been married for 35 years, has 3 beautiful children, enjoys kite surfing, latin-style dancing, and to write music and sing.

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Gal always had the purpose to help and to communicate. Even as a child he would speak to anyone about deep subjects and offer his advice. Most interestingly, from the age of 2, Gal had a clear purpose in life - it was never to be a firefighter or an astronaut… It was always, “I want to work with my dad – I want to do what my dad does!”


Having grown up with Meir Ezra as his father and mentor, Gal attributes much of his business and life success to his dad, and is the reason he so strongly knows the value of correct learning, precise coaching, and expert mentorship.


By the age of 25, Gal had established his first million dollar company.


In 2013, Gal co-founded one of South Africa's most well known events and festival businesses, seeing 40,000 + people annually.

In 2018, Gal co-founded, and is the CEO of, Empower Funding, a property finance company Gal started and grew with zero experience.

Gal has various investments and is of course, most excitingly, working closely with his father in GP, fulfilling his childhood dream.


Gal is married, has a passion for martial arts, water sports, is a self-proclaimed foodie, and travel enthusiast.

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MEET THE in-house TEAM

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Hadar Ezra

Operation & Marketing Manager

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Byron Howell

Course Editor


Noorun Razak

Bookkeeper & PA

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