ABOUT Meir Ezra

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Meir Ezra is a spiritual entrepreneur - a unique combination of business with spirituality. Meir believes that if you focus on money only, your life will never be a true success, because what is money good for without love, personal fulfillment and growth across all areas of life. Additionally, practicing spirituality only, with no ties to money, will never lead to true success - because enlightenment without being able to pay your bills, going hungry, or amassing debt simply isn't true success either.


Meir's combination of both led him to achieve much true success in his life.


Israeli born and raised, after completing six years in a top unit in the Israeli submarines, Meir went to travel the Far East, including hiking through the Himalayas. 


Meir then moved to South Africa, where he established his company which grew to $100 million within 3 years by the age of 31.


He went on to establish multiple companies across the globe, has many inventions and patents to his name and has invested in countless businesses.


Meir is heavily involved in various community projects ranging from getting people off drugs to helping children improve in their studies. Aside from his personal time and efforts, he has donated several millions of dollars to charitable organizations.


He has been married for 35 years, has 3 beautiful children and enjoys many hobbies including kite surfing.

His success got many people asking him to teach them how he did it. Soon, he started to teach his friends; and before long, the world. 


Today, Meir gives a guarantee that no one else gives: A target is agreed upon for your business or life, and if you follow the steps Meir lays out, he guarantees your success - or your money back.