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The Doubt Webinar - Part 1.png

recording 1 - $147

This is the first powerful recording to the Doubt Webinar series. It is the first step in eliminating your doubt. It's the starting point on the journey to regaining your ability to create.

The Doubt Webinar - Part 4.png

recording 4 - $147

Find out what really makes someone win or lose, when people become the effect, how what you're afraid of isn't real, and much more amazing data.

The Doubt Webinar - Part 2.png

recording 2 - $147

This recording covers what happens during emergencies, the one tool you need to solve any problem, how to really help people, and bunches more!  

The Doubt Webinar - Part 5.png

recording 5 - $147

Here Meir covers how you create your space, how to do the greatest good for the greatest number of things, why people carry their losses around with them, and much more!

The Doubt Webinar - Part 3.png

recording 3 - $147

Take a look at how to know if something contains a lie, find out the only way to generate force, look at what can fix everything, why people lose, and lots more!

The Doubt Webinar - Part 6.png

recording 6 - $147

Some of the topics you'll encounter in this recording are what causes things to happen, why people don't use their full potentials, the only barrier to communication, and so much more!

The Doubt Webinar - Part 7.png

recording 7 - $147

How do you improve conditions in life? What is the best way to look at problems? Looking at the problem with failure, how people get old and a bunch more! 

The Doubt Webinar - Part 8.png

recording 8 - $147

Look at how people look at winning and losing, how to reduce the confusion about life, doubt in the physical universe, why you aren't getting results and much more!

The Doubt Webinar - Part 9.png

recording 9 - $147

Fully understand why the physical universe seems so powerful, what takes you out of present time, how to always win, what constructive criticism is, and a lot more!

The Doubt Webinar - Part 10.png

recording 10 - $147

This recording looks at how to handle a maybe, what determines how alive someone is, where all the difficulties in the world stem from, and a bunch more!

The Doubt Webinar - Part 11.png

recording 11 - $147

Look for yourself at how to handle fear, the only way to fix long term problems, why people and groups start to deteriorate,  and so much more!



What You'll learn


✅The difference between the right answer and justifications.
📐Looking at gradients.
📈How to achieve more than expected.
🏆What defines your success?
❌Find out what makes someone a failure.
❔Why do people set themselves up for failure?
👍What do people always want to be right about?
💪The relationship between rightness and control.
💖The importance of looking at beauty.
🔋Understanding what determines how much energy someone has.
👴How do people get old?
🔒The problem with sins.
💲Why money can't reach you.
🤔Is there a relationship between beauty and facts?
🔑What is the hardest thing to change with people?
❓When you see a problem, what do you really see?
And so much more!


💪How to improve control over your considerations.
🌟What do spirits have to do with physical things?
🤔Is it better to have more or less viewpoints?
🔁Looking at automatic reactions and what they do to you.
🧠What does it really mean to change your mind?

✅Looking at the need to be right.
🤨What is experience and how does it contains a lie?

💭The difference between postulates and considerations.

🏆Find out if you can be right and successful.

❓What really makes someone win or lose?

👀Looking at what happens when someone makes you wrong.

🎯When do people become the effect?

🍀What being lucky is.
😨What do losses give people?
🥇The difference between a successful and unsuccessful person.

And so much more!


🤔How can the gradient be incorrect?
❓When does fear come in?
🙅‍♀️Find out the only way things can affect you.
💪Know what force and effort indicates.
🔒Find out the only reason why you encounter problems.
🧠What is the mind?
💖How you are beautiful and perfect.
💭Understanding the most important consideration of them all.
❔How could things not be beautiful?
✨The relationship between beauty and facts.
🔎The difference between considerations and creation.
🤝How to really help people.
🌟How the spirit uses considerations.
🤩Understanding why you can do more than you think you can.
🏆How to win the game of life.
🤨Can you be right and wrong?
🔧The tool to solve ANY problem.
💸Why people don't have money.
😍Is admiration really so important?
❗What happens during emergencies.
And bunches more!


🤔Will you always do the greatest good in the moment?

🔗Why can't physical things change their minds?

✅What it means when you try to be right.

❓What a full acknowledgement does.

🌌How you create your space.

👍The difference between being right and acknowledging.
🧘‍♀️Find out the most therapeutic thing in the universe for others.

📈When does progress happen?

⚖Why can’t you be ethical and have only one viewpoint?

💪How to do the greatest good for the greatest number of things.

💭What is the purpose of experience?
📉Why people drop their level of responsibility.

🎒Why people carry their losses with them.
🤝Looking at what determines how people treat you.

🌟How the spirit can become an effect.
And lots more!


💖Looking at admiration.

🔒Find out basis of all problems in life.
⛓Why does it seem like people can't start actions?
🧠Understanding decisions.
🔧What can fix everything?
📉Why people lose.
🌍Looking deeper into the physical universe.

🤔The difference between postulates and considerations.

❔How can it be that people fall in love then can’t stand each other?

🔥The only way to generate force.

👩‍⚖️What makes someone a good judge? 

🔎Find out how to become super powerful.

👀The relationship between being right, wrong, and responsible.
❌Find out the only enemy of mankind.
🤥How to know something contains a lie.

👁The importance of observing for yourself.

And lots more!


❔Why do people fail?
👀Looking at gradients.
📊What determines if you will succeed or fail in life?
😁Find out what you do on different emotional levels.
📉What to do when you aren’t achieving results.

⚡The correct way to handle energy. 
🔁Looking what people incorrectly substitute for postulates.
💪Looking at what happens when you exert more force.
🤷‍♀️What monitors your havingness?

🔑Find out the key for life.
🗣The only result of communication.
💸What is the only pay people really get?
🧱What is the only barrier to communication?
💭What makes a postulate a postulate?
🔒What is the only thing that prevents you from postulating?

🔋How to get back your full potential.

💖Find out the only way to recover your ability to create. 
And so much more!


🤔How your problems are different than you think.

🗣The relationship between communication and money.
❓How havingness and invalidation relate to each other.

😲The way to reveal the truth.

🚫Why do people stop communicating? 
🛑When does life stop you?
🤨How people get effort.

📉When do things stop improving?

😁The importance of fun.

👁 What to know when you blame things on other people and things. 
🥇Looking at a characteristic of all successful people.

🔎How you end up as an effect.

🧠How you create your mind.

⚡The difference between creating and converting energy.

🌍The manifestation of fighting the physical universe.
🤷‍♀️How you sink deeper into doubt.

🔗What is the problem with failure? 

🏆What seriousness has to do with success.
And a bunch more!


👍Find out the correct gradient.
🌪What is the consequence of leaving things uncontrolled?

❓Seriousness is an indication of what?

💪What to know when you start to use effort.
🤨Why you aren’t getting results.

📉Looking at why your production reduced.

🌟How to improve your condition in life.
👀The importance of really looking at situations around you.

🤔Why don’t people just confront everything?
❔Looking at doubt in the physical universe.

😵How to reduce the confusion about life.
📊Another view on right and wrong.

💡The difference between creating things and accepting them.

🔁Why people can’t close cycles of action.
🎳What is the only time you look at both sides of a game?

And much more!


❓Is doubt about the past or future?
⌚What takes you out of present time?
😚How to know if someone is your friend.
🔎What is constructive criticism?
💖Anything that’s not perfect is not you.

🌟Find out what destroys the spirit.
📈The importance of setting a good example.

🌍Find out why the physical universe seems so powerful.

👀The relationship between doubt and your power of observation.

🏆What is common with all successful people?
💭What does it mean if you are very logical?

❌Find out the consequences of making people wrong.
🥇How to always win.
✨The importance of doing the most beautiful thing.

😷What hides the true you?

🧱How big are your limitations?

📉What is the prerequisite for failure?
And a lot more!


❓How to handle a maybe.
🤔Why would making a decision not always be the best option?
💖The way people produce admiration.
😄What makes things unserious?

👀Looking at what happens when you don’t admire things.

🎒What are the only things you can have? 
📉Where do all the difficulties in the world stem from?
🔒Find out what came before every problem.
🏆How to know if you will succeed.

💡What you need to know to solve problems.

✨Find out the only capability of the spirit.

🤝The relationship between havingness and admiration.
😈Why is there evil in the world?
💦What dissolves energy?🤨How to tell if someone is lying.

🌍The physical universe is an illusion.
⚡What do you need to do to have energy.
And a bunch more!


🔒Find out the source of all inabilities.
⚡What dissolves energy?
👀Looking at the chronic tone of most people.
😨What are people afraid of?
💖Why did the spirit stop to admire?
🔗How to know if you are solving the wrong problem.
🗺What makes the blueprint for the physical universe?
🌌Understanding higher and lower universes.
❓When do people and groups start to deteriorate?
💪Looking at your most valuable ability.

❔What makes problems harder to solve?

🩺How to heal your body.
🔌What happens when you cut your power.
🔎The difference between maybes and doubts.
🎯Find out what determines how perfect your life will be.
❗The correct versus incorrect handling of doubt.
And so much more!