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Busy vs Productive

They say that if you want something done, give it to a busy person...

Sure, this sounds good…

But why?

If you were to give it to a busy person, won't they just not get to it and be too busy to get it done?

What's interesting about that mechanism is that it's one thing when somebody is busy... Seems good. But is that what you want?

What you actually want is...

To give it to a PRODUCTIVE person.

There are busy people that are busy doing nothing, and productive people who get quantities of work done in a totally DONE manner.

By "done manner" what I mean is that they handle it fully!

It's not half done,

It's not that it needs to be done again...


Productive people get a product, it's complete, it's ready!

Now, a product can be something within your organization - for example if my marketing guy does an awesome image for social media, that's a product! A product doesn't mean it has to be sold to someone outside of the organization. It's a product within the organization, we can use it, it can bring us results.

Or a product can be something provided for outside your organization...

You are a factory that creates bottles, and that's the product that you sell. When the bottles are ready, you sell and provide the product.

So it depends, a product can be internal or external.

And for that reason I say...

A productive person gets done products.

Inside the organization or for outside.

What you need to do is think about:

"How can I get a product with what I'm doing?"

"Can I give my boss a done product?"

"What can I give if I'm the owner, what is my product, and am I getting it done?"

"Am I doing it right, is everything being handled fully?"

That is what a productive person does and that is what you need to do!

Get the work fully done - make sure it is done right - and make sure it is valuable.

Give the work to productive people, not busy people!

Check out this video below for more :)

To Your Prosperity,

Gal Ezra

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