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Communicating Efficiently

Today's "As I Learn" is a little bit more of a kind of out-there concept, it's a bit more woke, so be ready for this one.

What I want to talk to you about has to do with business but it also has to do with communication in general.

The idea here is that when you communicate anything to someone the first thing, before the words even leave your mouth, is you need to put the decision on the other side, at their side, that they will get what you're going to say even before you say it.

I know it's a little weird to think about.

Before you say it you need to almost tickle them and tell them, "Hey this communication is coming your way."

Have you ever just randomly thought of a person and then all of a sudden they're calling you?

Before you even heard the phone ring you thought of them or you had an idea about a subject that you needed to handle and then somebody emailed you that day about it. Somehow it's almost like they touched you before they even reach the communication

to you.

That concept I've been playing with in my communications that I've been sending and it makes a difference.

You need to kind of put it out there, into the universe, and you need to tickle the other side, tap them on the shoulder.

I'm writing this email, I'm already sending it to them. As I'm writing it to them, then I click send, then the email gets to them, then they read it. But the first step is to already communicate to them just with the idea of touching them first.

How are they going to receive this? What do they want to hear from me and you?

Put yourself on the receiving end, and by that, direct your communication.

So the first step is not writing, the first step is already communicating with them on a "this level."

Try that out with your communication that you sent today.

Don't just write your marketing, don't just do your sales calls.

First, put it there, then do the call, then do the marketing, then send the email.

Try that out and let me know what you think.

Thank you,

Gal Ezra

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