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How Do You Become Lucky?

How do you become lucky?

There are those people that just seem to be lucky...

Have you seen them?

Things just go right for them, or they win the raffle, or bad situations seem to just slip around them.


Well, to be lucky you first need to understand what the word "luck" means.

Luck means the demonstration of ability.

Most people think that luck is something that just happened by mistake.

The truth is that you create your own luck.

How do you do it?

You go and you do it.

You bring it about.

You put it there.

And how do you put things there?

You put them on a gradient scale.

You put something small, and another thing that's small, and another thing, and another thing, and in between every step you acknowledge the improvements!

You just report to yourself that you improved, and the more you acknowledge the improvement, the more you report to yourself that you improved.

The luckier you become!

So, luck is only the manifestation of demonstrating your abilities, and your abilities can only be demonstrated if you validate every small improvement.

Makes sense?

To hear more on this amazing subject, watch the video below.

Thank you,

Meir Ezra

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