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What Is Success, Really?

I want to talk to you about success.

My definition of success is:

The sum of all validated improvements.

That's the good news.

The bad news is that success is a target only for failures.

You want to be successful only while you are a failure.


Because if you are not doing well, you want to do well...

If you are failing, you want to succeed.

While you are succeeding, you don't want to succeed! You want to create.

Because once you are successful you don't want to be successful - you create.

What you need to understand is that success is actually a process.

A never-ending process.

You improve, and improve, and you report the improvements to yourself.

You ignore the failures.

And the improvements are the result of creating.

What you get in the end is the ability to improve even more.

So what you enjoy in life is the ability to put out effort, which results in improvement.

What you enjoy in life is not success, because success is actually a target only for failures.

Thank you, and please watch the video below.

All my love,

Meir Ezra

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