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Negative Emotions? There Is ONLY ONE Factor...

Have you experienced









The one factor that is responsible for all your negative emotions and troubles in all aspects of your life is…


Everyone knows that in life you experience relationships crises with others: with your spouse, with your children, with your parents, with your family members, with your friends, with your co-workers...

What no one knows is that failure to fix the relationship for real will result YOU to become unhealthy, unsuccessful, and unhappy!

Now, this is not just a saying, or a belief, or an opinion!

This is the result of the most comprehensive study ever done in the history of man!

While after each relationship crises it seems that life goes on, the fact is that with every relationship crises part of you dies!

Problems in relationships leave open wounds, and like any wound, if not treated it becomes worse and it affects the whole body!

Most people try to avoid the pain by reducing communication despite the fact they know that one is as alive as one communicates, and that only communication heals.

They try to avoid the pain by disconnecting while longing for connection.

They try to avoid the pain by putting boundaries as a substitute for trust.

Most people don’t know how to create, maintain and fix relationships, and hence most people fail.

If you want to improve your health, wealth, and happiness you MUST first improve your relationships – all of them.

Past, present and future.

Even the relationships with those who have died!

But how?

How do you do it?

I, Meir Ezra, help hundreds of thousands of people around the globe to create, maintain and fix relationships.

What I teach is so powerful that I guarantee the results.

If you want to learn how to improve YOUR relationships, if you are sick and tired of being unhealthy, unwealthy, and unhappy, you should join this seminar…

When? Friday October 6, 2023

Time? 9 am – noon EST (3pm – 6pm South Africa time)

Where? Workshop 17, The Watershed, V&A Waterfront (or online)

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