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Procrastination - The Inability To Close Cycles!

Today I am going to talk to you about procrastination and the inability to complete cycles of actions.

So how and why does it work?

To understand that, I want you to look at this situation you may have experienced... Have you tried to talk to someone about one thing, and they reply about something else entirely?

And you try to get them to look at one thing... And before, you know it, they talk about 20 other issues, but they don't actually handle what you wanted them to look at - you somehow find yourself drifting...

This is very much connected to an inability to complete cycles of action...

What happens is that they are not in present time.

They're either stuck in the past, or they're stuck in the future.

In both cases, if you're looking at the past, or if you're looking at the future, you are coocoo.


The only sanity there is, is looking at present time.

You look at present time, you handle present time properly, you will see the future takes care of itself because by handling present time, you are actually creating the future.

Now, those people that are stuck in the past, or those people that are stuck in the future, cannot see what's in front of them.

You tell them one thing, it turns on thoughts of open cycles of a lot of other things, and they will answer about THAT instead.

So, for example, you tell them, "Well, what we need to do here is to update that account on the Excel. Just credit the account..."

And they think, "Well accounts...!" In their mind this "accounts" equals numbers, and numbers equal mathematics, and they think, "I was not good at mathematics at school, which mean I'm not good at that." And they start talking to you about their relationships with kids at school...

Even if you show them that it is the simplest thing in the universe, they will still not do it.

They will not be able to understand the simplest thing in the universe.

They will act stupidly!

Even if they are not, they will act stupidly!

So, when you see someone that acts stupid, when you see someone that cannot understand simple things, or when you see someone with lots of open cycles, it's all connected!

You will not find someone with lots of open cycles that is actually smart!

If someone has a lot of open cycles, they are not in present time. Because there is nothing complex or difficult in this universe.

People tell me, "I work very hard!"

Oh! What do you do?

Click the keyboard?

Answer emails?

Sit under air conditioning?

I didn't see you carrying stones. I didn't see you needing to go and dig for food... Or hunt or fight or anything.

Life is too easy. That's the problem!

The reason for procrastination is an inability to look at what's in front of you.

And that's quite fascinating...

Watch this video below to learn more :)

All my love, Meir Ezra

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