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What Is Humanity's Greatest Love?

Hi, Meir here from Cape Town.

I want to talk to you about something amazing...

I want to talk to you about love!

My definition of the word love is the urge to be together for no reason at all.

That's my definition of the word love!

Now, I want you to look and to think about what is the biggest love you have?

What do you love the most?

Just have a look at that question... What do you love the most?

And the answer will be fascinating! You will see that all people love the same thing.

They love one thing, or it's many, but the most loved category of things is all the same thing.

What do people love the most?

What people are most in love with is...


What you love the most is your problems!

You love your problems so much that you keep them close to you for no reason at all - exactly the definition of love!

There's no reason for you to have your problems! You're not willing to give them up. You are very loyal to them. You never betray yourself or betray them!

In regard to problems, you keep them because you're in love with your problems.

This is very fascinating.

You have your problems, and that's why you cannot get rid of them because you love them.

You want them for no reason at all!

The question is, how do you get rid of something you love? How do you get rid of something that damages you?

Learn more and enjoy the video below!

To Your Prosperity,

Meir Ezra

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