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Why Do You Not Reach Your Goals?

Did you notice that people have goals and they somehow don't get them, they don't achieve them?

They have big dreams, big goals: "I'm going to make it!" and they think that everything is beautiful and amazing... but the goals are not happening.


How come with all of this enthusiasm, all of this power, all of this hope, how come you end up with broken hearts?

It's actually quite SIMPLE.

The only reason you don't get to your goal is that you start to go towards the goal, and then something interferes.

Some person gets your attention, some problem takes your attention, and some small thing gets in the way of your goals.

For example, you're driving toward saving your son and there's a rat on the road, and you stop to handle the rat... and you don't get to saving your son.

That is what happens.

The only reason people don't get to or don't reach their goals is that they STOP to handle nonsense on the road to the goal... and the nonsense is NEVER as important as the GOAL.

Thank you, and enjoy the video below.

Meir Ezra, A Tip For You

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