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the secrets for how to get endless prospects at zero cost


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"A marketing campaign that doesn't bring lots of prospects and enough income to (more than) cover its cost is not a marketing campaign, it's a bankruptcy campaign."

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One of the most expensive and the deadliest part of business is marketing.

It costs a lot, most of the time the money is wasted as there are no results,

and so it becomes deadly for the business...


So the first thing I guarantee is: 

You will not need to invest money to discover that your marketing does not work... 

Instead, you will learn how to market at zero cost, bring results, and once the results are proven, invest in a proven marketing campaign that brings proven, paying customers.


You will win, your customers will win, and I will be very happy to see you smiling (and laughing) all the way to the bank.

So why wait? Do the course right now.

The next thing that I guarantee:

 While this is an introductory course,

the value from this course is nothing short of major.

Do the course.

Ensure you understand each and every concept (you can always write to me and ask me questions at no charge) and then execute those actions exactly as I showed you, and you will have to be a genius not to print money.

So I can guarantee that you need to start right now, because otherwise every moment that goes by, you either spend money on useless marketing and lose money, or worse, you don't do any marketing and lose even more money - all the while wondering why...


You are literally a few hours away from literally saving your marketing!

And it is guaranteed - we WILL refund you for any reason you feel you did not get your expected result - no questions asked.

You have been waiting for too long... no more.

 The next thing I guarantee:

The gurus you have been following about marketing, while they manage to market to you, for sure did not manage to teach you how to market. 

In fact, the opposite:

More than 98% of all marketing worldwide is a waste of money.


Because most of the marketing gurus don't know how to market, and if they do, they don't know how to teach it, as they don't understand the basic laws of marketing.

What I guarantee is that I will teach you not only how to market, but what are the LAWS of marketing, so you will not need me for the rest of your life.

I will teach you the laws, and you will choose the way.


Every second you run your business without knowing those vital marketing laws, is a month of lost income. Don't wait even a second. Get the course right now.

It's simply too expensive for you not to get it.

The next thing I guarantee:

That marketing is a marathon, not a sprint.

However, every marathon is composed of many, many sections that need to be completed properly. And when we talk about sections that were completed properly in marketing, we talk about two things:


1. More prospects.

2. More income (what most gurus don't want you to know)

So yes, in the long run, you will have a lot of income, a lot of prospects, but any marketing program that doesn't bring, in the short term, lots of prospects and enough income to more than cover its cost is not a marketing program, it's a bankruptcy program.


And hence my next guarantee is:

If you will not have


1. More prospects,

2. More income - that is greater than your costs of marketing.


You will get your full refund - no questions asked.

And just so you know...

Marketing, as far as I'm concerned, has two purposes, and only if those two purposes have been achieved, it is marketing, otherwise it is not - it is a waste of money.


The first purpose is:

To create or intensify want and bring about reaches - people that want more from you, people that are interested in your product or service.

And the second purpose:

To sell your product or service!

If your marketing didn't sell for you, it isn't marketing.


A good marketing company like Apple doesn't sell - people buy!


Because the marketing sold already!

The salespeople are only there to upsell the client.

And hence...


It is demanding.

It is not for the weak.

It is for someone that is willing to look at marketing head-on and tackle it.

It is for someone that is willing to do the work required to bring results.

It is not what you expect.

But it's FOR SURE what you need as it brings FOR SURE results.

And it is certainly what you will want once you understand it.

Don't wait. You are already late.


BUY NOW! 799 
now only $447

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Simple, no-questions-asked refund process if you are unhappy for any reason.

Write to us and the refund will be processed immediately.


Marketing is one of the costliest parts of a business, yet is often the most gambled on. You spend time, thought, energy and money on a campaign... you send it out, and you hope for the best... The Magic Potion puts marketing under your control, and control equals income - results.


With The Magic Potion, you not only will become the hottest ticket in town, but once you know it, you will understand what is missing in every other unsuccessful business and group.


The Magic Potion is part of the Fundamentals for a reason: without it, one of the most important parts of a successful business is missing.


In this powerful series, you will become the boss, have a clear understanding, and have total control over the way you market. Finally be able to bring results from your marketing.


Gal Ezra..png

Presented by

Gal has been behind the team marketing festivals seeing over 40,000 people yearly. Gal has built businesses in boring finance, and turned it into a sexy, young, and desired company. Gal is even applying similar principles within Guaranteed Prosperity. And he is taking these principles and bringing them to The Magic Potion - taking his years of results building businesses from scratch across multiple fields, and bringing his unique way of teaching to delivering these powerful concepts to YOU!



Gal's approach to business and relationships is unparalleled. His ability to convey a clear message across to his audience is contagious and leaves me feeling powerful, yet capable to embrace and tackle my relationships and business with confidence.


Gal is a relationship extraordinaire.


He’s helped me tremendously with my personal relationships with my friends, family, self, and most importantly, women!

He’s a terrific person with life changing advice that can truly help you create fantastic relationships.


Gal has an innate ability to familiarize himself with the needs of others and cater to those needs by adding value merely by being his honest self and is extremely easy to get along with.


Because of his raw, vulnerable and true nature, every person can take something valuable away from each interaction with him.  He is a great friend to have in your circle.

"What Gal Ezra is teaching is life-changing!

There is no comparison between what he is teaching and all the garbage many other high ticket coaches and mentors "teach." I highly recommend Gal's programs if you wish to change your life for the better exponentially."

- Bhanu V


Inner Circle.jpg

what you will learn...


Learn to control your target markets attention. 


Learn the correct sequence for marketing.


What you can do to breakthrough long term limitations.


Learn the steps to take for failure to be impossible.


Discover an important system you must establish for your business.


BUY NOW! 799 
now only $447

money-back-guarantee badge.jpg


Simple, no-questions-asked refund process if you are unhappy for any reason.

Write to us and the refund will be processed immediately.

what does this course include?

  • A no-questions-asked money back guarantee - which means zero risk for you.

  • 5 recorded webinars.

  • Unlimited replays - yours for life.

  • Each lesson ~1.5 hours.

  • About 10 hours of amazing content total.

  • A dedicated line for your questions, comments and WINS!

  • 30% discount upon finishing the course for the next one: Laws of Money Attraction.

  • Most importantly, this course includes results.

you're in the right place if...

  • You want to get your prospects on your team. 

  • You want to learn the steps to take for failure to be impossible.

  • You want to find the correct sequence for marketing.

  • You want to understand the basic laws of marketing.

  • You want to develop the ability to make surveys that will get the best results.

  • You want to turn up the volume on your business and life income. 

  • You want to correct your marketing and sales machine.

  • You want to learn the ten steps to becoming known.

  • You want to learn how to find the emotion of your prospect.

  • You want to boost your audience's interaction with your content.

  • You want to know how to avoid the biggest mistakes people make when marketing.

  • You want to understand the mechanism .

  • And much, much more...

what you will have:

  • An engaged audience.

  • The steps to make failure impossible.

  • The ability to create effective surveys.

  • The Magic Potion in your pocket.

  • An important system you must establish for your business.

  • A clear understanding of the 10 steps to becoming known.

  • Income instead of decline.

  • Recovered old clients.

  • Know the basic laws of marketing.


  • Results, guaranteed.

  • And of course, much more...

why was the fundamentals created?

In a world of endless amounts of YouTube content, public speakers, audiobooks that tell you to turn left and right at the same time, podcasts, motivational speakers and "gurus" mankind has become ill... in fact, mankind is poisoned.

This poison is called DATA POISIONING, and everyone you know has it in their drink.

There is one antidote, and we have discovered it.


It is composed of two powerful steps:

1. Removing data - not adding data - and so exposing your innate knowledge.




2. Making you the source - and no one else but you.

This program was created through years of observing thousands of students and identifying the missing components and gaps that all have in common.

This is the combination that is needed to create true prosperity and continued expansion across all parts of life, no matter your age, condition, success level or background.

This program was created for YOU.

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