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100x recording 1

Find out the first steps to being truly successful, what true communication is, what brings about misunderstandings and how to clarify them. This and so much more!


100x recording 4

What are our only limitations? What fear and control have to do with knowing. The anatomy of a problem. A step-by-step method to solve any problem each time. And more!


100x recording 2

Learn the difference between learning and getting data. Why study by observation is the only effective way to study. What makes balance so necessary? And much more...


100x recording 5

Think of at least once where people have failed even though they had a strong purpose, or a time where the physical world got in the way of someone's success. This goes over why that happens and how to handle it.


100x recording 3

Understand the fixation on money, even though the majority of people are still poor. Learn the relationship between time, speed, production and money and the relationship between enthusiasm and success.


100x recording 6

Find out what makes success, how the size of barriers are determined and what the relationship between time, space and actions is. This interview-style recording goes over all of that and more.



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Success Story

In life you read a lot of books, you go to a lot of seminars, and you search for answers...
Meir Ezra not only gives you answers, but gives you the steps to transform you and your business permanently. After listening to this amazing audio series, I have unlocked the hidden blocks that have caused me to fail in the past,
increased my production to a level I could never reach before, and more than tripled my
income. If you know you are capable of much much more than you currently have to show for... Find out why and achieve what you know you can... Be the person you know you can be and prosper in all areas of your life. You owe it to yourself. 

-Ashley Budzik

What You'll learn

100x 1

🏆What is success?
👞What the first steps to being truly successful are.
🔒What is a problem?
🔑The easy way to solve any problem.
🗣How to communicate and what real communication is composed of.
❓What brings about misunderstandings?
🔎How to clarify misunderstandings.
And much, much more...

100x 4

🤔Who controls the physical universe and how?
❓What are our only limitations?
💭What fear and control have to do with knowing.
💪The only insurance against failure.
👁What it means when people become blind to what's going on around them.
🎯The difference between playing the game of life and the game of life playing you.
🧬The anatomy of a problem
😀What failure is and how to avoid it.
📃A step-by-step method to solve any problem each time!
Find this and more!

100x 2

📙The important difference between learning and accumulating data.
🏆The vital difference between those who succeed and those who fail.
🛑The danger of false data.
💭What really is knowledge?
👀Why study by observation is the only effective way to study.
🔑How and why being the cause of everything around you is key.
⚖What makes balance so necessary?
And much, much more!

100x 5

❓Why people fail even though they have purposes.
⌚What the past, present and future has to do with purpose.
💭What's the relationship between thinking and knowing?
🌍How to make the physical world unable to affect you.
😀What cleverness and truth has to do with the real you.
❌The effect fake realities have on you and your success.
🔁The difference between repeating what you hear and knowing it.
🔑The key to success.
🧱 Will purposes really get you through your barriers?
And more!

100x 3

💵Why there is a fixation on money but a majority of people are still poor.
⌚What time has to do with money.
🏃‍♀️The relationship between speed, time, production and money.
💪Efficiency: what it is and how to use it to your advantage.
🏢 Three types of business.
😀The importance of a good coach.
🏆The relation between enthusiasm and success. 
This and much more is included!

100x 6

🤝How you affect people you meet.
👁 How your attention affects you and the things around you.
📈How are willingness and ability connected?
✔What being right and wrong has to do with your life.
🧱How the size of your barriers are determined.
💭What makes knowing and believing so different?
👩‍🏫The importance of a coach.
🤔Can you really know that you know?
🌌The relationship between time, space and actions.
❓What makes fear, fear?
🎆The true effect of experience.
And more!