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Understand the


THE simple answers for a "complex" economy

only $19.90

incoming Financial disaster? 

what to do with your money?



fill in to LEARn more!

gal explains!

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You will get a full refund if you did not get what you expect from this course, and more


Absolutely zero risk for you.


Financial disaster!! A crash is coming! Our economy is in danger!


We have all heard these things before, we've all been aware of issues with the economy, and many feel they are at the mercy of the economy - swept away by its currents and "cycles", never knowing where it will take them next.


The first part of controlling any subject is understanding it, and knowing the words of that subject.


How does an economy work?

What actually drives it?

What is the economy built on and depend on?

What do people mean when they say the economy has "cycles"?  


The economy doesn't need to be (and shouldn't be) a complicated subject, with many questions, confusions and fancy words you don't understand.


Understand The Economy (& Your Finances) gives the answers to all of the above and more.

This course was actually taken from the final lesson of The 8-part Prepinar series when we decided it needs to be a stand-alone course because of how needed this material is given the current global climate.


This course will break down all the huge blocks and barriers in understanding the economy and turn them into easily understandable sections.  


This course will show you the truth and prepare you for what’s to come.

It will put you in a position to understand the economy better than 95% of people out there.


And at the end, it will tell you what you need to do with your finances NOW so as to ensure you and your family are protected.


The results are guaranteed!  

Presented by

With years of learning and execution in business, while being mentored by his father, Meir Ezra, Gal Ezra has created success from a young age across multiple fields, and has coached clients and delivered seminars to hundreds of people across the world. Leading this program, you will enjoy every minute with Gal, his energy, and his unique way of delivering powerful concepts.

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Gal's approach to business and relationships is unparalleled. His ability to convey a clear message across to his audience is contagious and leaves me feeling powerful, yet capable to embrace and tackle my relationships and business with confidence.


Gal is a relationship extraordinaire.


He’s helped me tremendously with my personal relationships with my friends, family, self, and most importantly, women!

He’s a terrific person with life changing advice that can truly help you create fantastic relationships.


Gal has an innate ability to familiarize himself with the needs of others and cater to those needs by adding value merely by being his honest self and is extremely easy to get along with.


Because of his raw, vulnerable and true nature, every person can take something valuable away from each interaction with him.  He is a great friend to have in your circle.

"What Gal Ezra is teaching is life-changing!

There is no comparison between what he is teaching and all the garbage many other high ticket coaches and mentors "teach." I highly recommend Gal's programs if you wish to change your life for the better exponentially."

- Bhanu V


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what you will learn...


Make it so you can't help but have financial expansion.


Find out what actually drives the economy.


Learn what happens in a deleveraging.


Understand the important law you need to know. 


Learn the most influential part of the economy that is the least understood.

BUY NOW - usually $73

Understand The Economy (& Your Finances)
ONLY 19.99 per household

money-back-guarantee badge.jpg


By the end of the lesson, you will be certain of your ability to apply the keys you learned

in real life and bring about success.

If you are unsatisfied for any reason within 60 days,  it is easy to receive a refund - simply write to us.

There is no risk for you, and everything to gain.

what does this course include?

  • A no-questions-asked money back guarantee - which means zero risk for you.

  • 1 recorded webinar.

  • ~2 hours of amazing content.

  • Unlimited replays - yours for life ($87 value).

  • A dedicated line for your questions, comments and WINS!

  • 30% discount upon completing the course for the full Prepinar series.

  • Most importantly, this course includes results.

you're in the right place if...

  • You want to recognize what actually drives the economy.

  • You want to know the most influential part of an economy that is least understood

  • You want to learn a big fake reality surrounding the economy.

  • You want to find out what it means when people say the economy has swings. 

  • You want to discover when no more stimulation is possible.

  • You want to learn an important law.

  • You want to understand what happens in a bubble.

  • You want to determine what your priority should be.

  • You want to understand the economy.

  • And much, much more...

what you will have:

  • Knowledge about the economy that most of the population doesn't know.

  • A solid plan about what to do with your finances.

  • Certainty on your priorities.

  • The ability to spot the ups and downs in the economy.

  • A very clear understanding of key terms you need.

  • The ability to face the situation.

  • A strong grasp on the pros and cons of credit.

  • Results, guaranteed.

why was thIS COURSE created?

During the full Prepinar series, Gal decided to create one lesson which actually wasn't in the original scheduled program.

How could you be strong in the year when the year, the month, the day and the hour  when you are full of stress and anxiety about this crashing economy and the instability of your finances?

How can you learn about the economy when there is no simple explanation?

It's very hard, or impossible.

So, during the full Prepinar series a new lesson was born...

Understand The Economy.

In this powerful course, you will understand the different parts of an economy, so you can actually handle it and be in control.

Understanding the basics of the economy will allow you to get a strong hold on your finances and will allow you to prepare for the upcoming financial disaster.

So the course was really created to simply give you an understanding of the economy, and that's exactly what it does.

We can't wait for you to understand the economy - guaranteed.

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