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recording 1 - $177

This is the first recording of the Fear To Freedom series which will put your life on a new path to success that actually WORKS. Included are life-changing drills which will bring the guaranteed results.

FEAR - PT4.png

recording 4 - $177

Find out how people are actually perfect, look at taking responsibility for both sides of any situation, the results of it, what doubt really is, and much more amazing data.

FEAR - PT7.png

recording 7 - $177

How does your past limit you? Are you being effect of money? Look at the positive versus negative, why things work the way they do, fear and anxiety, and more!

FEAR - PT10.png

recording 10 - $177

This recording takes a look at the harmful side effects of sins, how people work against themselves and why they do it, what luck really is, plus lots more!

FEAR - PT13.png

recording 13 - $177

Where do all bad feeling stem from? Why do people become powerless? How are procrastination and fault seeking related? Along with more!

FEAR - PT2.png

recording 2 - $177

This recording covers how to know what is right and wrong, what happens when you can't differentiate between them, why people procrastinate, and lots more!

FEAR - PT5.png

recording 5 - $177

Here Meir covers why people don't have knowledge, what determines income, the interesting relationship between knowledge, responsibility and control, and much more!

FEAR - PT8.png

recording 8 - $177

Look at why people struggle with loving themselves, when problems start for people, what the right option will always be, and lots more! 

FEAR - PT11.png

recording 11 - $177

Look for yourself at why people commit the same types of sins over and over, how people face bribes every day, what they can do to handle them, and so much more!

FEAR - PT14.png

recording 14 - $177

Consider what causes you to deteriorate, understand responsibility, why people vanish from their relationships, and so much more!

FEAR - PT3.png

recording 3 - $177

Take a look at what all the parts of a person really are, the power of admiration, how to use that power in your life, defining key definitions, and so much more. 

FEAR - PT6.png

recording 6 - $177

This recording looks at the way the different parts of man work together, goes over key data again, covers how being you will solve problems, and lots more!

FEAR - PT9.png

recording 9 - $177

Fully understand the scale of responsibility, how it works, sins and how they relate to you, improving your condition, and a great deal more!

FEAR - PT12.png

recording 12 - $177

Find out the reason people lost their power, all the parts and characteristics of bribes, the real source of all your problems, and a whole lot more!

FEAR - PT15.png

recording 15 - $177

This recording looks at what determines your strength, why people can't control certain things, how to get the expected results, and so much more!



What You'll learn


🤨What are insane games and how do they relate to you?
🎲Does being aware of the game you are playing have to do with your success?
💡Crucial concepts about relationships.
❓What will happen if you fully confront something?
💪The importance of enjoying the effort.
😊Looking into happiness.
🤖How people become robots.
🤔How are joy and problems connected?
And so much more!


🌟Are all people actually perfect?
💡How to handle people who seem to be against you.
❓Does being right make others wrong?
🔄Why you have to take responsibility for both sides.
💪The importance of being cause.
🌍The relationship between things being real, dead, and the physical universe.
⏲What does creation have to do with time?
📖Defining doubt.
🤨What happens when you assume you don't know?
🏆When will you succeed?
🗣How ideas are communicated.
And much more!


🔒Is your past limiting you?
❓How can there be no limits?
💪Looking at what really controls the body.
🔋Is it more important to increase or decrease power?
👍What it means to positively create a negative.
🌍How things deteriorate in the physical universe. 
💰Are people the effect of money?
😊The difference between wasting positively and negatively.
🛑What is the only thing that can stop you?
🐶Why do people tend to like the underdogs?
🤔Should people try to avoid fear and anxiety?
And more!


🌪What happens when you can't experience motion?
📛Looking into why using your experience is harmful.
🧠What is the mind composed of?
🌍How is this universe designed to make you weaker?
📉Why people reduce their abilities.
😮Finding out how people become stupid.
❓What is the lowest form of creation?
🤜How and why people work against themselves.
🤔The relationship between how many sins you have and how alive you are.
🍀Why are some people lucky while some aren't?
🛑What does it mean to stop hiding?
🎭Looking at what happens when you try to act like someone else.
🔧Explaining excuses and how they work.
Plus much more!


🌱Where do all bad feelings stem from?
🌪How to recover from the dwindling spiral.
🏆What to know in order to succeed in life.
🤔Looking at the relationship between right, wrong, and creation.
📉Finding out why you become powerless.
🛑Learning what your kryptonite is.
🎭What happens when you hide things?
🔋Why don't people use their full potential?
❌What to know if people are fault seeking.
📊Why people have ups and downs.
And much more!


❓How do you lose yourself?
👓How to find if something is right or wrong.
💭What results will knowing bring?
👀The importance of looking at other viewpoints.
🌍Characteristics of the physical universe. 
🤔What brings people doubt?
🥱Why do people procrastinate and how can it be handled?
📊Looking at where people are in relation to where they should be.
✅The importance of validating improvements.
And lots more!


📚Why don't people have knowledge?
🔒The problems that come with misunderstanding words and symbols.
💡How IQ is determined and controlled.
💪What does it mean to have certainty?
🔄The relationship between knowledge, responsibility and control.
💰What determines your income?
📃Interesting facts about the definitions of words. 
🧑Examining the parts of man.
🌟The difference between the mind, body and spirit. 
🤔What determines the point of insanity?
And much more!


🤔What do people really want?
💞Why do people struggle with loving themselves?
🔒At what point do your problems start?
❓What is ethics?
👍The difference between being ethical and out-ethics.
💖The relationship between ethics and love.
🏆How does success and sin affect one other?
🌪The way back up the dwindling spiral.
🤫Why people lie.
❔How can someone become a victim of love?
💔Why do people leave relationships?
And lots more!


⛓Looking at why there are chains of sins.
🤝What is a bribe and how it works?
❌The difference between a bribe and corruption.
🛑Where do all limitations come from?
💔When bribes become damaging.
❔Who is the biggest supplier of bribes in your life?
🌟How can you commit a sin if you are perfect?
👉Why would anyone criticize someone?
📚Learning how stable data helps you.
🧠What does removing pieces of your mind do?
🤔Looking at the importance of power of choice. 
🗺Finding the way out.
💰What working for money really means?
And so much more!


😈Who is the devil and what does he do?
📉Find out what causes you to deteriorate.
🤔What is the connection between true, false, bad and good.
🤕Why you can get hurt.
👀Looking at the biggest sin you can commit.
🤩The one decision you can make so that nothing can hurt you.
💪What does it mean to be responsible?
🤝How to determine the condition of society.
👻Why do people vanish from relationships?
🤨What is a victim?
And so much more!


❓What would happen if you didn’t know if something was right or wrong?
👀The difference between looking and observing.
🧑What are all the parts of people?
💖The amazing things admiration does.
🌍What keeps things in the physical universe?
🤫What really makes something a lie?
🔒Find out why people love their problems.
⌚What does it mean to be stuck in the past?
And so much more!


🧠The difference between the mind and the brain.
🤝Looking at the way the brain, mind and spirit work together.
🌟The spirit's relationship with the physical universe.
💡Why should people assume that they know?
💪How can the body serve you rather than you serve the body?
📝The problem with setting future goals.
❓What does saying, "I want," really mean?
🔑Finding what stops your ability to create.
🔧What does it mean to engineer the game of life?
And lots more!


🌍How is it that you can't be responsible in the physical universe?
📚A brief look into history.
❓What is a sin?
👎Is there a difference in viewpoint when you sin as opposed to when others sin?
🙋‍♀️Looking at the scale of responsibility.
💖What sins have to do with creation and love.
🤔How you are the only one that can hurt you.
💊Things you need to know if you see side effects.
🤨Find out the basic sin.
❔Does experience actually limit you?
🤝Why can't anyone improve alone?
🍀Discovering what luck really is.
And a great deal more!


👀Looking into all the parts of a bribe.
🔋Find out the reason people lose their power.
❌Why a bribe seems easier but really isn't.
🤔The difference between a bribe and a negotiation.
🌍What is the basic bribe of the physical universe?
🧠Why do we have minds and what are they?
😮Learning what it means when you react automatically to a situation.
🌍How the physical universe is the biggest supplier of bribes.
🤝The relationship between bribes, sins and havingness.
📉The source of all problems in your life.
❓Does your responsibility level relate to your condition?
🤨What makes something bad?
And a whole lot more!


🎒What creates an unshakable burden for you? 
💤The relationship between tiredness and sins.
💪How strong are you?
🔗What happens when you have a weak link?
⛓How do people get weak links?
🤔Why can't you control certain things?
🌊Who is the only source?
🙅‍♀️Looking at why people can't say, "I'm wrong."
😀How to get the expected results.
🤩Find out what happens when you discover the truth.
🤨The difference between a postulate and a consideration. 
And so much more!