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4x Your Sales With Zero Investment



Research shows the value of one client that has been followed up properly for an average company is estimated at $2,000 per year.


Before I will answer that, I will ask you another question.


How many deals in % across the globe are sold at first contact?

Less than 2%.


How many deals are closed between the 2nd and 5th follow up?

Less than 5%


How many deals are closed between the 6th and 12th follow up?

More than 80% of the deals.


How many companies do more than 6 follow up calls?

Less than 2%.


How many companies are successful across the globe?

Less than 2%.


Do you see the point?

To be successful, you need to follow up.


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Simple, no-questions-asked refund process if you are unhappy for any reason.

Write to us and the refund will be processed immediately.


To be successful, you must follow up.


This is not big news for you...


You are not doing follow ups!


And the question is why?


And the answer is...

You simply don’t know how to follow up, and so, you are not making money.


And hence, the vital necessity for you to do this course right now!

At the moment, you probably have less than 2% of your potential income from your current prospects – let alone the potential of the full market!


As soon as you will complete this course, you will increase your potential income from 2% to 80%... You do the math of how much it means to your bottom-line... And by the way, the results are guaranteed.


You have to do this course right now!


Now as soon as you complete, the course, and increase your sales by at least 4X, and by the way with zero investment, you will realize that has a ripple effect.


Due to the word of mouth, the lower customer acquisition cost, your lower fixed costs, increased referrals, repeat sales, new people, etc. you will be you experiencing the 8th Wonder of the World…

Which is, of course, compound interest.

You get compound interest on each client that you actually close.


It is magical.


And that is why existing clients bring more than 80% of the total income – because of that wonder.


All you have to do is to get on the course right now.

You are literally a few hours away from 4X'ing your income!

And it is guaranteed - we WILL refund you for any reason you feel you did not get your expected result - no questions asked.

You have been waiting for too long... no more.

Since we understand the importance of that knowledge for you, especially in this time, since we know this is the Achilles Heel for most businesses, especially small to medium business, and since it has been proven that is what prevents small to medium businesses from taking off...


We put together an online course, excerpted from the exclusive Seven Figure Academy (a ~$40,000 course Meir delivers) that will teach you how to 4X your income at zero cost - and it much easier than you think.

It will also teach you exactly what follow up is - and it's not what all the gurus say it is.


You will discover the secrets for expanding your business at zero cost - regardless of where you are, you need it.

It will show you the step-by-step methodology on how to follow up

(and most people’s results snitched that they don’t know how)…


It will teach you what are the exact steps you need to take (and it’s simpler than what you think).


You will discover how to correct bugs in your follow up process – and it is the smartest thing you’ve ever seen.

Research shows the value of one client that has been followed up properly for an average company is estimated at $2,000 per year.


So if you learn how to follow up, and you followed up properly on one client, you will more than cover the cost of the course, as it costs just a little bit less than $2,000…

If you close two, you are robbing us :)


And if you close three, we want to become a partner :)


So how much does it cost?

Much, much less than what it will bring you in, and of course it is guaranteed!


BUY NOW! 799 
now only $499

Presented by
meir EZRA

Meir Ezra is a spiritual entrepreneur - a unique combination of business with spirituality. Meir believes that if you focus on money only, your life will never be a true success, because what is money good for without love, personal fulfillment and growth across all areas of life? Additionally, practicing spirituality only, with no ties to money, will never lead to true success - because enlightenment without being able to pay your bills, going hungry, or amassing debt simply isn't true success either.


Meir's combination of both led him to achieve much true success in his life.

Meir is a philanthropist - involved in various community projects ranging from getting people off drugs to helping children learn, and has has donated millions of dollars to charitable organizations.



Thank you, Meir for always being there to come with eye-opening insights and information for us


Meir has completely changed the way I view things and has made them easier to look at!


Just being in Meir's seminars and webinars has really changed my life and my entire family


what does this course include?

  • A no-questions-asked money back guarantee - which means zero risk for you.

  • 1 recorded webinar.

  • Unlimited replays - yours for life.

  • Nearly 3 hours of amazing content.

  • A dedicated line for your questions, comments and WINS!

  • Most importantly, this course includes results.

you're in the right place if...

  • You want to 4x your income. 

  • You want to learn the statuses of prospects.

  • You want to know the basic missing data in sales.

  • You want to understand how beings become aberrated.

  • You want to develop into a great salesperson that closes consistently.

  • You want to turn up the volume on your income. 

  • You want to learn the biggest factor on changing your direction from down to up.

  • You want to find out the secret to money.

  • You want to boost your understanding of the physical and spiritual universes.

  • You want to know the two types of salespeople.

  • And much, much more...

what you will have:

  • 4 times the income!

  • The steps to take when doing follow-up.

  • The ability to fully understand what happens when there are problems.

  • The basic law of marketing and sales.

  • A clear understanding of what causes you to make money.

  • Income instead of decline.​

  • The key to closing.


  • Results, guaranteed.

  • And of course, much more...

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