Why Don't You Have money?

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This is the first recording to the Why Don't You Have Money series. It will have you see for yourself what's happening in your life and will show you how to achieve your goals and take them above and beyond. 

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recording 4 - $197

Find out what the end result of a successful business is, what undoes barriers, what happens when you depend on the past, and much more!

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recording 2 - $197

This recording covers what happens when you remove your barriers, confronting, how people get stuck in the past, why you can't keep on a given course and lots more!

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recording 5 - $197

Here Meir covers what your limiting factor is, the two ways you can handle a situation, what prevents you from selling, what determines IQ and lots more!

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recording 3 - $197

Take a look at what to know when you don't have income, the enemy of courage, the thing that really stops salespeople, what to know when people blame others and much more!

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recording 6 - $197

This recording goes over the only barrier for selling, the difference between able useless people, what will make you succeed, examining the buying process and so much more!

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recording 7 - $197

Why do people get upset about time? What does every business need to do if they want to succeed? How to know something is true, and a bunch more!

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recording 8 - $197

Look at what would allow you to hire poor salespeople, what happens when people can't experience change, why you need to just know, and much more!

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recording 9 - $197

Fully understand how disagreements happen, what determines how alive you are, the importance of defining your weaknesses, and so much more!

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recording 10 - $197

This recording covers how to know if your training is good, what to never change in a business, what you need to know in order to handle people, and lots more!

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recording 11 - $197

Look for yourself at why to never negotiate the price of your product, how you build enemies and bad clients, the relationship between problems and lies, and much more!



What You'll learn


💰Looking at the process of selling anything.
💭The two ways to diagnose.
🤔Can you be right and in control?
🔗The problems that come with selling.
❓What is certainty and why is it so important?
👀How people perceive.
🤩When can you never fail?
🐢Why do people get slower as they get older?
📊Find out what is common with all purchases.
🧠Why is it difficult to get someone to change their mind?
🛑The problem with committing sins.
📉What brings about reduced or no sales?
💡Looking at the one thing you need for people to buy from you.
🤝What is help?
🥇Find out the first step before the first step of any sales process.
✅How to correct anything.
Plus so much more!


🤝What is the purpose of a salesperson?
🧱What are barriers and what happens when you remove them?
🔗Know THIS about all barriers.
❓What makes a consideration a consideration?
📊Looking at courage and what is has to do with selling.
💭What is confronting and how can you raise your ability?
📉What is the source of all bad conditions?
🤨What is the lowest level of confront?
🔙How do people get stuck in the past?
🛤Why people can’t keep on a given course.
🌟Can you have more than one goal at a time?

😨What determines how afraid you are?
💖What defines your ability to live and love?
And lots more!


😊The purpose and responsibility of salespeople.
🤩What happens when you change your consideration.
⌚The relationship between time and responsibility. 

👇What to know when people blame others.

🌟How to become cause.
🥇The importance of unseriousness. 

🛑The thing that really stops salespeople.

💤What happens when you sleep?

💭Why you reduce your knowingness.
⛓What is the biggest crime in the physical universe?
🔁Find out the opposite of fear?
❓What happens when you start to have things?

💯If anything good happened you know it is because of this one thing. 

🏫Find out the only way to teach.

🤜Find out the enemy of courage. 

🔙The relationship between your past and courage.
And much more!


📉What is the source of all bad conditions?
🚫How people avoid communication.
🔊Find out what happens when you are willing to communicate.
🌊The relationship between wavelengths and duplication.
☝The only thing you need to confront.
🤔What happens when you try to fix things by looking at what's wrong?
🌍What is the only way to confront life?
🔙What happens when you depend on the past?
🧱What undoes barriers?
🔚How can you close cycles of action?
📊What is your value determined by?

❔Why people get worse when they try to improve.
🤨What is the basic missing data in life?

🤩What is the end result of a successful business?
And so much more!


📝What happens if you don't have good sales policies?
🤔Is it really so important to follow up?
🤝What help has to do with your new and existing clients.
📉How you cut your power?
📊Look at the most important sales policies and how you can apply them.
❌What is the only reason people don't like you?
⌚Why people get upset about time.
💵What makes someone a good salesman?
🥇Find out what every business needs to do if they want to succeed. 
😃What will happen if you fail to recruit good sales people.
👟How to know if someone is willing to be trained?
🤗The importance of personality and personal abilities.
👩‍🏫Is there a need to manage people?
🎯Why are attainable targets so important? 
And a bunch more!


🤝The relationship between exchange and help.
🤔How does help become betrayal?
💵Who should you pay first in your business?
🥇What is common in all successful people?
🛑Find out what prevents you from selling.
📉What you can know about all unsuccessful businesses.
❌Looking at the biggest sales mistake.
🤨What determines IQ?
📖What happens when you run into misunderstood words.
🌟The relationship between space, energy and time.
💲Find out what determines your income.
✨When you can start creating.
🧱How do barriers become bigger than you?
🤩The relationship between barriers, success and happiness.
And lots more!


🤝What makes a good salesperson?
❌Find out what fake realities are and how they affect you.
📊The difference between PR, marketing and sales.
🌪What happens when people can't experience change.
👎What failure to manage results in.
🌤Learn what you need to do to make your dreams come true.
🎯Understand the importance of setting up attainable targets.
💭Why you need to just know.
🔁The relationship between knowledge, control, income, training and qualification. 
🤔What would allow you to hire poor salespeople?
❓How could offering free products and services help you?

🤨Do you actually need to brand yourself?
🧠What slows reaction time?

💵How reaction time and sales relate to each other.
And much more!


👆The first thing to do when you go to sell.
🏆What will make you succeed?
⛔Find out the only barrier for selling.
🤔What happens when you try to sell without thinking about helping.
❓Find out the first reaction needed so the prospect will buy every time.
📝How to be in control of the sales process.
😨How to move people from their stuck emotional point.
🌟Are features important when selling?
💪The difference between able and useless people.
🗣How important is the language used?
💵Examining the buying process.
❌Why does logic never result in a sale?
🔁Why people don’t close cycles of action.
📊What monitors how much you will sell?
And so much more!


🤝The real importance of understanding the client fully.
⛔How businesses become unreachable.
🌟What determines how alive you are?
🗣How the communication between you, the client and their mind works.
🤔How disagreements happen.
💰The way the mind affects people and the sales process.
❓When do relationships start to deteriorate?
📚Looking at the importance of organization.
💭Why you reduce your knowingness.
🧠How you create your mind and what responsibility has to do with it.
🌪The way the dwindling spiral starts and the way to get out.

💡What happens when you fully understand the other side.

🌍The difference between the physical and spiritual universes.

🤨Why you get what you don’t want.
And so much more!


💻The problems with robotic response training.
👩‍🏫The difference between a coach, professional and a master coach.

💪The difference between handling something and creating it.

👍How to know if your training is good.
💊What is data poisoning and how to cure it.
📚How many sources of data should you have?
🌪The ways to avoid confusion.
😵What happens when people work based on feelings.

📊How statistics and numbers can help you. 

🛑What do you never change in a business? 

💡The importance of finding the real reason of problems.  

🤝What you need to know in order to handle people. 

🤖The difference between robots and people.
And lots more!


🔧What happens when you try to fix sales by changing sales policies.
🔒Find out the source of all problems.
👎How people cut their power.
💪The ways abilities deteriorate.
🧠What to know when you have lots of knowledge and no results.
🚫What happens when there is a break in communication.
🤔How is it that you've never fully left any group.
🤫The relationship between problems and lies.
❌Find out where the problem always be.
💲How to define a price.
🛑Why to never negotiate the price of your product.
🙅‍♂️What to do when the client objects because of price.

🤝Who should you give discounts to?

😡How you build enemies and end up with bad clients.
🤩Find out the motto of all salespeople.
And much more!