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The Hysteria Bomb

The Invisible Killer

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Blanket Handling - Key For Success

Business Spirona (Spiritual Corona)

How To Survive and Expand

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The Basic Formula For Your Cells

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Virus Killer

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Learn the old formula

The most effective method to strengthen cells and kill unwanted viruses including the oldest remedy against viruses.

coronavirus survival pack - part 1 (1).p

survival pack - 1

Find out the necessary basics including the definitions of crucial words, finding out the biggest damage from the coronavirus, and getting into what to do about it.

coronavirus survival pack - part 2.png

survival pack - 2

Look further into how viruses work, look at and understanding the data you hear, and explore methods of keeping your mind and body healthy. 

coronavirus survival pack - part 3.png

survival pack - 3

Dive into viruses: seeing them, understanding how they come about, how they get into cells, what they do there, and more. Also go over your own physical and spiritual condition, how it's determined and much more.

coronavirus survival pack - part 4.png

survival pack - 4

Learn the definitions of words that are often heard and spoken without true understanding. Also, learn what should and shouldn't be done when there's an illness, the results of those actions, and more.

coronavirus survival pack - part 4 (1).p

survival pack - 5

Clarify the previous key concepts and goes over how happiness is determined, what it has to do with health, how germs work, and so many more vital concepts.

coronavirus survival pack - part 6.png

survival pack - 6

Refresh key concepts then jump into new ideas. Those include the importance of communication, what courage is and what is has to do with health and happiness, the negative result of resisting, and more!

coronavirus survival pack - part 7.png

survival pack - 7

Go over some of the past concepts and learn new ideas too. Find out what determines how alive you are, what playing games has to do with being free and living, the capability of the spirit, and more!

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What You'll learn

Part 1

❓The real difference between an epidemic and a pandemic.
🦠What a virus is.
💔The biggest damage from the coronavirus.
😱What hysteria is and how it works.
🕶How blindness and fear are connected.
📊Comparing vital medical statistics.
🤒What pre-existing conditions have to do with the coronavirus.
🌟What your spiritual condition has to do with your health.
💪Find out the real handling for what's going on.

part 4

😊How life and health relate to each other.
😷What sickness is and how people become sick.
🙅‍♀️Why prevention is so important.
✅How to handle things.
🌟The spirit's relation to sickness.
❓What the difference between illness, disease, infection and sickness is.
💊What medicine does to the body.
🤒Understanding fevers.
🩺What toxins have to do with staying healthy.
🔎The development stages of illness and how they work.
❌What is bad healing?

Part 2

📊The importance of looking at all the relevant data.
👁The relationship between fear and observing.
👎Why isolation isn't the right thing to do.
🧬Looking at how the coronavirus works on a cellular level
❓Can fasting help?
🦠Looking at past pandemics and their true causes.
🧬How cells become weak.
😀How to keep viruses in remission.
🧠How brainwashing works and how to handle it.

Part 5

❌What is bad healing?
🤧Looking at what causes sickness.
🧬What genetics and viewpoint have to do with sickness.
🍳What nutrition has to do with health and how it works in the body.
❔What is an autoimmune illness?
🦠What are germs and how do they work?
🌟What the spirit has to do with staying healthy and getting sick.
👨‍🍳Why cooked food rots faster than uncooked food.
😊What your happiness has to do with your health.
💭How happiness is determined.

part 3

🦠Going deeper into what viruses are and how they work.
👁Can you see a virus?
🔬How microscopes work.
💀Can viruses die?
🧬How and why cells let in viruses.
❓What is weakness and what does it have to do with cells?
🤒Why do people become sick?
🎆What gives the body, cells and viruses energy?
😊How the cell's and body's condition is determined?
🌟What is a spiritual condition?

Part 6

👍How to determine what to support and what not to.
🗣Why it's so important to communicate.
💪What is courage and what does it have to do with you health and happiness?
😓How people become unhappy.
🤒The real reason people get sick and what to do about it.
🙅‍♀️What resisting something really does.
🍴What food is, its purpose, and the two types there are. 
💧How the body gets rid of toxins.
⚡How malfunctions happen. 
🍎What being healthy means.

Part 7

🔁A recap of past key concepts.
🎆Learn the determining factors for how alive you are.
🎳What playing your games has to do with being free and living.
🤩The relationship between wanting and having.
💪What certainty has to do with creation.
⛓The media's effect on your certainty.
🌟Find out what the capability of the spirit is.
😃What defines your condition?