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How To Spot A Lie?

When you see something complex, you need to know it is a lie.

If your husband comes home and gives you this complicated story, you need to know he is lying.

If it is not simple, it is a lie, or it contains a lie.

So anything that is not simple, contains a lie.

Once you know something and the lies have been removed it is simple.

You can say that, knowingness is a state of no lies. The clear absence of lies results in knowingness.

What are the lies?

Anything that happened in the past.

The more you rely on your past the worse the lies are.

The past at least has a difference in time which is automatically a lie.

There is also of course the difference in space as well along with many other factors, so it cannot be true because truth is the exact time.

Truth has to include the original and when you look at the past it's definitely not the original, it's old.

Watch the video below for more!

Thank you,

Meir Ezra

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