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How To Get "Your Way" In An Argument

Do you agree, that in order to have an argument or disagreement, you need to be on the other side of the person you are arguing or disagreeing with?

Meaning as long as you're on the same side, you'll never have an argument.

Makes sense?

Now, in order to get your way, you will usually try to push forward, to go against, to convince, to overwhelm the other side.

However, let me give you something different...

If you go with the other side, just see their viewpoint, you will see that they will stop resisting, and you will be able to do whatever you want.

Because when you go to the same side, when you go in the same direction, you can go anywhere you want without resistance.

That's because two people together are much stronger than any opposition.

Just two people who are 100% together are stronger than any opposition.

If you put three people together, if they are really aligned, nothing will ever stop them.

So the whole story, the whole handling, of any problem you have, is your ability to assume the other person's viewpoint.

Go with them, and at that moment you will go... not in your direction, not in their direction... but in the right direction.

When you are together, there is no resistance, and when there is no resistance there is a fascinating thing that happens...

you start to see.

For as long as you resist, you are blind.

So when you start to see, at that moment, you will make the right decision.

Thank you, and enjoy the video below.

Meir Ezra

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