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Why Do We Look For The Wrong In Others?

You will see that people have this tendency to find what's wrong with people, what's wrong with situations... And the interesting thing is that the more they find what's wrong, the worse it gets.


The reason is that when you have very little right with yourself, when you don't really see the good in yourself, you will find what's wrong with others, and the more they are wrong, the less you are wrong.

Because you are right or wrong in comparison to others.

So when you find what's wrong with someone else you make yourself artificially right and by that, you hope that you will not feel bad, because you will not be as wrong as you actually are.

Read that again.

So what is the handling?

The handling is actually not to find what is wrong with someone else, but the handling is to find what's right with you.

The more you find what's right with you, the more you validate your improvements, the better your life will become...

And you may think, "No but I'm lying finding the good in myself in this situation, I'm making this up, there is no good..."

The truth is that in every situation where there is bad, there must be good before.

So if you see something bad with you, prior to that bad, there was good.

Love comes before hate.

A plus comes before a minus.

Something has to be there before it can be destroyed.

You cannot break a glass that is not there.

There is always good before the bad you see.

So the way to improve... find what's right with you. If you want to be really good, find what's right with others as well, and you will see that your life will straighten up like magic.

The more you ignore the bad and find the right, the better your life will be.

It is really, really magical.

The basic law is that you correct machines by finding what's wrong with them. And you correct people by finding what's right with them.

Enjoy your magic, and please watch the video below for more.

Thank you,

Meir Ezra

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