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What We Can Learn From Organized Crime...

Organized crime...

What can we learn from organized crime?

Yes, I'm talking about drug cartels, people that steal your iPhone and figure out a way to hack into your systems... Those people.

What can we learn from them?

Because while I'm very against organized crime, of course - obviously - BUT there's something we can learn...

How do they make money?

These scammers, cartels, and all around criminals make lots of money!

While it seems the average person struggles


What is it that makes them make money?

Yes, they're highly unethical and aren't truly achieving happiness or success - but businesswise, they are making money!

What makes them make money?

Very simple...

Organized crime is...


Being organized is what makes organized crime make money!

And you'll notice that if some part of it doesn't stay organized, for example if ONE of the guys snitches, there are big issues! They are no longer organized. They lose a lot of money. Everything crumbles!

So they have to remain very tightly organized and working together!

Only when they do that, do things work!

Because money loves to flow, and it'll flow to an organized location, it will flow to places where it feels secure - you can literally think of it that way.

So they organize, and set up channels, and money flows along this channels.

Now, of course that doesn't mean you need to be a criminal...

It means you need to be organized.


Get your business,

Get yourself,

Get your people,

Get your area,

Get your laptop...


And you will see the difference it makes in your income.

And yes, income means money, but income is also anything you want:


Appreciation from your staff,

Love from your kids

Kisses from your wife,

this is income too!

If you're organized, you'll see the income flow.

And watch the video below for more!

To Your Prosperity,

Gal Ezra

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