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Want To Have Money? Here are 13 Steps...

Hi and thank you for reading...

It's Meir here. A few weeks ago a client wrote to me saying they had major improvements from my recent webinar, and they also wanted some particularly practical steps to starting their business and making money from scratch.

This was my reply, I cc'ed Gal, and he told me the reply was amazing and "simple and powerful" and so I wanted to share it with you too...

Dear Pam,

So happy to hear from YOU.

First, very well done on the improvements - it is admirable.

To have money you need to:

  1. Define what others need that you can supply. It must be written and verified that it is something that is needed and wanted by others.

  2. Find out how to sell (not deliver) ONE unit of that thing.

  3. Go ahead and sell and collect the money for ONE unit.  

  4. Deliver that item.

  5. Get a success story.

  6. Promote the success story.

  7. Make the needed adjustments.

  8. Sell and collect the money for more than one unit.

  9. Promote.

  10. Deliver what you have sold.

  11. Get success stories.

  12. Promote.

  13. Etc.

The key, is to start VERY VERY VERY small. Let me know how it is going.


I encourage you to try this, and to share it with others that need these BASIC steps.

For much, much more knowledge about how to take your business to growth and profit, join my new Business Class I am starting... Part 1 is free and you simply cannot afford to miss it.

Register now: All my love, Meir Ezra

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Gal Ezra
Gal Ezra
Mar 07
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Yesssss! So glad you published this. It really is powerful. No one breaks it down so simply!

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