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To Be Successful You Must First...

The prerequisite to succeed in anything is certainty.

You need to be certain about something in order for you to go and act.

Your level of certainty defines what you will do.

If you are not certain, what will happen is that any small wind from any direction will take you in that direction.

Someone can come to you and say, "Hey let's do drugs," and you do drugs.

Someone can come and say, "Hey let's invest here," and you invest there and you lose the money.

Or something upsets you, and you get upset and you destroy a relationship.

So the prerequisite for success is certainty.

First, you are certain.

First, you know where you are going, then you go.

But most people don't know where they're going.

Most people don't actually have certainty about anything.

And they will tell you it's all "faith" or that "the universe will tell them."

You have to become certain before you can be successful.

Now, certainty does not mean that it's factual.

If you are certain, even if you are "wrong", you will still be successful.

If you are certain that you can do something, you will still go and do it, even if it will not be 100%, it will be better than the uncertain person that will never even try.


Certainty defines how much you will act.

Certainty defines if you are going to procrastinate, and think, and think, and have no results.

Certainty defines how successful you will become.

You first need to be certain and then you become successful.

What you do is due to a prior certainty.

Where you are led comes after an action by someone else.

If you are certain, you act.

If you are uncertain, you are a robot that is being led - totally different.

What do you want to be?

A robot or a successful person?

A robot or a rich person?

The answer is made by your decision alone. You need to decide that you are certain about something, and you will be successful.

Nothing else - it's just a decision.

And if you want to learn more about how to control your decisions and act with certainty, contact me or register for one of my courses.

Thank you, and please watch the video below.

Meir Ezra

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