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A Quick Tip About Problems!

I have a very quick tip for you.

A person's ability can be demonstrated by how many problems he or she has solved.

Yet most people try to have no problems at all.

There is a problem with not having problems...


Because if you have no problems, it means you don't have any abilities.

The urge to run away from problems is actually an urge to eliminate your own ability.

You should be able to have any problem and be very happy about it.

Yes, happy about your problems!

So, generally people have two viewpoints:

1. Some people have a problem for any solution.

2. Some people have a solution for any problem.

If you have the viewpoint that you have a solution for any problem, you will be demonstrating your ability, and the sky will not be the limit for you.

That's all for today. Have fun! And please watch the video below.

Thank you,

Meir Ezra

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