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How Do You Create Profit?

Okay everyone. Good to be with you again. Meir Ezra here, and today I’m going to speak about – hmmm – finance.

How do you create profit?

You will see that whatever you give to an organization, any amount of money you give to an organization, they have the talent – an exceptional talent – to waste it. To spend it.

So, any amount of money that you give to an organization, they will spend it. What are you going to do about it? How can you create profit as the owner?

Only one way: make a lot of money and hide it. Find legitimate excuses to hide the money you make. You need to let the organization genuinely think there’s no money, so the demand for production will go up, and your reserves will go up.

It’s very simple.

You, as the owner must communicate to the organization that there is scarcity – not enough money. They, in return, will give you increased production. You, in return, will pay them more, but tell them that there is not enough money.

This all has to be legitimate. They have to really believe that there’s no money. You should not have access to that money, because otherwise you will spend it, especially if you are the founder and the CEO. If you are separated, it’s different.

But as long as you are the founder and the CEO, you will spend more than you need. Anyone that’s in a start up or business that all of a sudden has some kind of financial difficulties, realize that he can manage with much, much, much less. No problem, he can do that.

Continue to move with much less money. An organization can become always more efficient, and can always generate more money. It’s got to do with the demand for production, and hiding of money.

How, exactly? What do you do? Financial success, of course, is your answer.

We deliver a course. We deliver seminars on how to manage finances. What to do in order to make money with money.

What are the exact laws of money? What is finance? What’s the history of money? Why money? How does it work? What is inflation? What is deflation? What’s going to happen?

How to run your financial situation and improve it, and never fail financially. Never.

If you want to learn how, come to the seminar. Your life will change. It is amazing. So simple, so powerful! Come to the seminar. I’m looking forward to it. Thank you.

To learn more, check out my podcast or register for my next webinar!

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