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How Do You Win In Life?

Where is the point where life becomes a problem for you?

Where is the point where life becomes difficult?

When do you stop being a child and start to become dead?

There is nothing in between - you're either child or you're dead.

Where is that tipping point?

That point is a quite fascinating point.

It is when you consider that the environment is against you and not with you. You really decide that you are not part of this game.

You say, "You know, the environment is here and it has an intention to stop me or to kill me or to create problems for me."

At that moment you select the environment as your enemy and the fascinating thing is that you start to push against the environment. You're pushing to energize the environment to push against you and you will lose, always.

The only way for you to win is to look at everything as beautiful, amazing, unbelievable.

Everyone is conspiring to help you, everything is conspiring to help you, and if you get a punch it's fun and if you get a kiss it's as fun.

You are willing to win and lose with the same level of enthusiasm.

You will not be able to lose, because there's no such thing!

Really, I know it sounds weird but you did not lose.

You didn't lose before you decided that you stopped playing. You didn't lose before you decided the game is over. You create the game and the game is never over - it's just a game.

How do you win in life?

You just decide that everything and everyone is conspiring to help you.

Sometimes you don't see how but you just know that they are trying to help you. Everyone and everything around is trying to help you, never see anything wrong with anything and life will become beautiful.

Now, the first thing that you think is, that there is no such thing as a wrong thing.

Wrong in relation to what?

It is just a gradient because there is either level of rightnesses or level of wrongnesses.

If something is right and then something else comes along that is more right then the earlier rightness would become wrong.

You can either look at life at level of wrongnesses or level of rightnesses and if you look at level of wrongness as you'll go down and if you look at the level of rightness you'll go up.

Just practice: Anything that happened to you, you created it. Anything that happened to you can just simply be looked at as a level of rightness. Find something right about it.

If you practice that for one week, you will become rich.

You will become successful.

People will start to notice and think, "Wow, what's happened?"

You will notice your face change, your energy change, everything change in your life.

All you had to do was just decide that life is conspiring to help you, not to stop you.

You need to try it.

Thank you,

Meir Ezra

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