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How I Set Targets

Most people have this idea that they need to set a target...

A target is something that one needs to reach by a certain time.

That is the definition of a target..

Someone puts a target there of:

"I have got to run the half marathon within two months!"

They put this target there, they work towards it, and then they do it - hopefully.


But what is the biggest pitfall when it comes to achieving a target?

The biggest pitfall of achieving a target is incorrectly understanding what it's going to take to make it.

So the runner has a look two months before the target date and he thinks he's going to need to do X effort to make his target.

And then he does X effort, or a little less than that, and he doesn't make his target.

He thought he needed to train 50 hours let's just say... But he does 45 hours. Or what it actually takes is 100 hours of training...

He didn't correctly gauge what he needed to put in to make it.

Does that make sense?


Now, then there is the term of, "Too little too late."

All of a sudden, too late, one says, "Oh my, I did too little!"

So when you set a target, you must observe what's it going to take!

Not just to make it, but to beat it.

So you don't think you need 50 hours, you observe that you actually need - 100 hours - and yet you plan to put in 110 hours!

If you make the target early, easily, wonderful!!

But you're not going to fall short.

So my message for you today...

When you set a target, at the start observe:

What's it going to take to make?

What do I need to do for real?

What changes do I need to make?

What kind of effort am I going to need to put into this to make it happen?

Then you will not only make your target, but beat it.

Make those targets!!!

Thank you, and enjoy the video below.

Gal Ezra

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