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The Key To Success

The subject today is organization.

Which is probably the most important thing you can work on in your personal life, business, and anything you do.

Being organized is actually a huge key to expansion, to success, to money, to any positive income.

So what does organization mean?

Essentially, it means having specific systems in place that will ensure that things move through the overall thing, the business, your body, and your life, in the most efficient way.

So if you have an organized body, it means it's a body that's healthy. The food goes in, it goes properly to your body. You're organized in the sense that you don't put in bad or too much bad to where it overthrows your body's stable balance and structure. It goes and works efficiently.

In a business, if you're organized, it means that a customer comes in and there's a path that they go through to pay you for you to deliver the quality product to them and for them to be happy and come back for more.

So the more you can get organized, down to the nitty-gritty, okay, forget about the body, forget about a business, forget about all that. Your basic things that you do. Your emails, your WhatsApp, your text messages, your home.

If you organize, meaning everything has its place, there are systems in place for how it happens. Nothing gets left behind, no email gets unanswered. When you finish with an email it goes to a specific folder. When you finish with your Whatsapp, you handle that communication it's done, you don't open it and leave it unread, and then forget to reply.

You're organized.

That little organization means big success long term.

So practice finding ways to be more organized.

Starting with your area, and your desk space, don't have random papers around. Starting with your car, don't just have things lying on the ground and messy. Organize your car.

Keep things clean with your messages and your emails. Don't open it without answering it.

These little things will get you more organized, more efficient, more powerful, and more successful.

So try that out and if you enjoyed that video please subscribe, because I'm going to be putting out more videos as I learn that will hopefully help you as well.

Thank you,

Gal Ezra

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