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Don't Fall Into This Trap!

If you work with people, any people, any client, you can easily fall into a dangerous trap...

What trap am I talking about?

The trap is looking at your client as a money symbol.

You have somebody call you and you think, "Oh, another number in my pipeline! Another sale! Another dollar sign! Another way to make money."

You don't look at the client anymore as a person with specific needs that has more to give than just money to your business.

You think of them as just a number...

Just another client in the business...

It's so easy to think of them this way.

Rather, let's encourage business owners and employees to look at them as:

- a being,

- a person,

- an individual that needs help.

Sounds simple? Often forgetten.

You need to realize that they have a problem and they have chosen to come to you with it.

Just you having the point of view that they're not just a number, not just a client, but that you need to (and can) actually help them by way of your business will make all the difference.

You have that point of view - and it doesn't mean you have to do anything special - you just treat them with that certain edge, that certain friendliness, that certain care.

Have the point of view of, "Whatever they need, I'm going to help them. Even if it's not through my business directlyu - I am going to help them."

And yes, look at them as more than just a number. :)

Care for your clients!

You'll see, that your relationship with your clients will grow and then as a ripple effect, your business will of course grow.

I hope that that helps. Play around with that and give that care to your clients.

Have a look at the video below for more!

Thank you,

Gal Ezra

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