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Consistency Is Key

Let's talk about consistency.

Some people say anything that's worth doing is worth doing more than once.

If you want to go to the gym just once, you won't get results... But doing it consistently you will get results.

Eating well once, you won't get results.

Doing your job well once, won't bring results.

Spending time with your spouse just once, won't be enough, trust me :)

Bottomline, whatever you might think of that is worth doing, you need to do it more than once to get results.

And this is what people think of as consistency.

Yet consistency can easily become a habit...

And I want to talk about that..

I recently learned a very interesting lesson from my dad about habits...

He said, "Habits are bad!"

And I thought why?

All the gurus tell you that you should have certain habits and interviewers ask successful people what are their morning habits, and coaches say develop good habits...

yet habits are bad!


Because if you have a habit it means that you are a slave to your habit. You aren't doing it because you decided to do it at the moment, you're doing it because it has become a habit.

If I have a habit to bite my nails, I don't control it, I just bite my nails, it's a habit.

If I have a habit of having coffee in the morning, even if most of the world has that habit and it seems wonderful, it means I am a slave to the coffee - without the coffee, I am useless until I have that cup of coffee, the coffee is my boss, it's my habit.

You get the idea?

So what do you do?

What you need to do is be consistent, however with one nuance...

YOU need to put it there.

You need to cause it, every time.

If you have a work schedule where every day you do certain things at work, if you get into the habit of doing it, it will get worse over time. At first you'll be good, and soon you will have a decline.

You won't be consistent, it will become a habit of doing the same sh*t, different day...

Also known as... a habit...

Anything that remains the same goes down over time. This is just a fact of life.

So doing your work schedule as a habit does not mean doing it consistently.

Going to the gym because it's what you do at 5:30 PM every day is not consistency, it's a habit. Even if you think going to the gym every day is great, you will eventually plateau and not see any improvement.

Eating well because it's what you're supposed to do is not consistency, it's a habit. And you will notice that most people that eat well as a habit end up eventually dropping it and going to the other extreme of being overweight.

So unless you are newly putting it there, newly creative, newly setting up your schedule, newly creating your life, your "consistency" will actually bring you down.

You have to keep coming up with ideas of how to create more, how to put it there, to make it fun, to improve, to challenge yourself further and grow.

Be consistent, but consistently up, not consistently the same, because that means down.

I hope that that changes your view on habits and consistency, even if ever so slightly. This is a game changing nuance, it's a little difference, yet if you apply it you'll see your creativity and commitment will skyrocket.

Please have a look at the video below for more :)

Thank you,

Gal Ezra

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