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What The Universe Gives You...

Over and over again, I've heard people talk about "the universe"...

How the universe will provide...

How the universe will give the answers...

They need to be aware of what the universe tells them.

The universe is the answer!

They need to listen to the universe.

And they listen, and they listen, and they listen, and they become insane.

Why shouldn’t you listen?

Now, this will sound different, yes... But hear me out…

The truth is that the universe is dead! The universe is a piece of physical matter.

It's like asking the stars, "What will happen?"

Or asking a stone what will happen?

Or trying to predict your future by looking at your hand

It sounds good…

But it is actually NONSENSE!

Why? Because it means that you, the spirit, have no cause on what happens and everything is already written in the stars, and you are just a puppet following!

The universe will provide, or the universe will send me a sign...

It's all super nonsense.

The universe is a resource that you should employ!

Not that the universe employs you...

You employ the resource, and you use it creatively - meaning without prior cause, without any regard to what has happened before.

You take what's in front of you! And you use it to bring about a nicer, better, more ideal picture for yourself and everyone around you.

If not, you're just a sophisticated robot…

But if yes, you become the closest to a god that you can be! Which means bringing something out of nothing, or being in total control over the environment, not being its slave.

Have a look...

The longer you wait for the universe to provide, the longer you wait for answers from the universe... The longer you wait.

Even if they supposedly come, it is at the price of you becoming useless.

The only way is to make yourself the god, not the universe the god.

When I say god, I don’t mean in the religious sense, it's not like the real god.

But the definition of the word god here is the person, or the entity, or the being in control of the situation.

So, do you want to be in control of the situation?

Or do you want to be a puppet, a robot that is controlled by some mysterious dead thing called the universe?

It is up to you...

If you decide that it's you, not the universe, your life will straighten out and things will become amazing. And you will gain more and more control.

But if you will wait…

Do you know who waits the longest?

Dead people!

Decide whether you want to be alive and creative, or dead.

It's up to you, my friend.

For more, watch this video. All my love,

Meir Ezra

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