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The Most Important Factor For Your Health

What happens when you are stressed?

Your cells become weaker

Your immune system becomes weaker

The chance of you getting damaged by a virus is in order of magnitude - somewhere around a thousand times more than if you are not stressed.

So, your level of stress defines the rate of damage from any virus.

Now of course, when you hear in the media how everything is bad and how dangerous it is and how you need to be afraid 1.1 billion times - you will be stressed.

And the more stressed you are the more sick you'll get. It is really fascinating.

If you want to be healthy, if you really want to protect yourself, you can do many things but the most important thing to do is to be happy.

Yes to be happy!

You hear all of this bad news yet most of it is nonsense.

These people spreading the nonsense are just people that are so afraid themselves.

They want you to be as afraid as them because they don't want to be alone down there.

So what can you do?

Whatever you do, keep on smiling.

Force yourself, just smile.

Smile for no reason at all.

Don't get into all the bad news, look for the good news.

What can you do?

Be happy!

Really, that's the best thing you can do.

So anyone that's spreading fear, anyone that's spreading worry is actually your enemy.

Keep smiling.

Thank you,

Meir Ezra

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