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Why Do People Hate Others?

If you put children together, no matter their differences, they are almost always fine with each other; when they are not, they fight and get back together quickly. A few minutes later they play together as though they never fought.

So, how come at one point they start to separate? What is this thing with adults that keeps them so separated? Why can adults be so hateful and hold grudges for so long? Why are they so sure that they need to show others that they're right and others are wrong?

In order for someone to hate someone else, to find fault with someone else, to really push against another person or against another group, there must be a relationship destroyer. This is a person who works hard to create the problem.

At this time, this is the media. There is someone that is pushing this agenda of hatred.

There's always someone that pushes the agenda. I can tell you who it is not. It is not the person that you see on the insanevision*. The person you see is not the person with the agenda. It is always someone hidden—because if you find out who it is, it would all stop immediately. This hidden person is the one controlling the media puppets.

Those media puppets are just talking heads. We need to be smart to realize that anyone that tells us anything that is not fun, nice, pro-survival, full of hope, and full of love is trying to destroy us.

If someone doesn’t give you hope, he is trying to destroy you. Leaders who don't bring you hope are not leaders. They are killers. Nothing can stop you when you have hope. If you have hope, you will never die. The person died after he lost his hope. So, when someone tries to kill your hope, they are trying to kill you. And you need to be smart. You need to be awake. You need to take this thing as a stable piece of information, and when someone tries to make you afraid and hateful, you need to love! Just keep loving no matter what. * insanevision: insane + television

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