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Willingness (and hiring)

For a long time I have been saying that when you hire a person, there is one thing you need to look for as their stand out quality.

And what is that quality?

Well, what you want is a willing person.

However, people always speak to me about how their staff are willing, and that guy is willing and that lady is willing.... yet they have a tremendous amount of problems with those people!

So... I was looking for the bug and I found it.

Here is the bug.

Most people think about willingness as a condition or a viewpoint.

Willingness is not a condition.

Willingness is an action.

When a person is willing, they are acting, they are not just willing.

When the willingness is there, the action is there.

You talk to a person, and you say, "You know, we have to do this Excel sheet, and you need to compare this account with this account."

He tells you about the problems he has: he doesn't understand the formulas, he's tired, he's hungry, etc.

The truth is, he is not willing, and so he is not acting!

If he is willing, he is acting, and nothing is a problem.

So, when a person is willing, they ACT.

And by their actions alone, the physical universe surrenders to them - not the other way around.

Be willing.

And have a look at the video below for more.

Meir Ezra

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