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A Tip On Wins And Improvements

I want to talk to you about the difference between an improvement and a win.

An improvement is a condition where something you wanted to happen happened.

For example, you want to close a customer and it closed.

You wanted to arrive on time to a meeting and you managed to.

You wanted to solve the puzzle and you solved the puzzle.

But an improvement is also when you didn't want something to happen, and it didn't.

For example, you didn't want to go to the gym, and the trainer called and said, "I cannot make it, please let's delay the lesson or let's cancel the lesson."

It's an excellent improvement!

Success is the sum of all validated improvements.

Every time you validate an improvement, you bring about a win.

A win is not a win before you actually reported an improvement.

Either something that you wanted to happen happened...

Or something that you didn't want to happen didn't happen.

When you win, you are actually CREATING.

I like to say a WIN (W.I.N.) stands for:

What I (Am) Now.

It's a NEW YOU.

So go ahead and validate improvements, regardless of measurements - regardless of "big or small".

Report them to yourself, validate the improvement, and you will become successful, and you will become more you.

The closer you get to you, the better you are.

Because you are perfect, and anything that is not perfect is not you.

Thank you, and enjoy the video below.

Meir Ezra, A Tip For You

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