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Are You Stuck In Your Comfort Zone?

Hi, Meir here.

So the question for today is...

How do you know you are simply too comfortable?

If you feel you are stuck in your comfort zone and it is time to break the mold, the answer is very simple.

Because for as long as you are in your comfort zone, it means you are unwilling.

Unwilling meaning life is too simple!

It's not that life is too difficult...

Life is too simple!

The one unquestionable manifestation of "I am not in my comfort zone" is "I am willing."

It is quite fascinating!

You can either become willing and break your comfort zone, and so have better results...

Or just go out of your comfort zone and thus become willing and have amazing results.

It works interchangeably!

But whatever you do...


That is all for today. And please watch the video below!

All my love,

Meir Ezra

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