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Can You Be Wrong?

Hi, Meir Ezra here with a piece of truth for you. There is one thing that is worse than death for people...

And it to so say that, "I was wrong!"

Yes, people would rather die than say they were wrong!

Now, I have told this to thousands of people and immediately when I say that, people say, "Yeah, but I do say that I'm wrong."

And you do...

You do say that you were wrong, but you add a small provision, and it's called the word "BUT".

You say, "I'm wrong... BUT."

"But I didn't know."

"But I didn't mean to."

"But they started it."

"But it was her job to do..."

"BUT..." The word BUT actually cancels everything that has been said before.

So if someone says to you, "I love you, but.." they actually mean, "I don't love you."

If someone says, "It's difficult, but..." it means that it's easy.

So the word BUT actually cancels everything that comes before it. Here is the interesting thing...

People are never wrong.

You've never been wrong.

When you do something, you're 100% sure that it's right, and a second later, if you say that you're wrong, is because there is new data, and now you're wrong.

However, at the time that you did it, you were not wrong. So right is about NOW, and wrong is always about the PAST.

You will see that whenever you deal with what's wrong, you bring about disasters, you bring about insanity.

And when you deal with what's right, you bring about improvement. You take any person, and if you want to improve that person, all you have to do is to find what is RIGHT about that person.

And if you find enough right things about that person, two magical things happen:

1. That person becomes perfect for you 2. That person becomes perfect for themself. So the only way to help people, unlike machines, is to find out what is right about them.

The only way to destroy people (and yourself) is to find out what is wrong with people.

And by the way...

You will notice that when you find what is wrong with people, you will become wrong yourself. My advice to you is to find what is RIGHT.

You will see that what you will discover is the amazing thing that everyone else is perfect, and you are perfect! And anything that is not perfect, is not human.

It's coming from some other source.

You know that you are perfect.

And anything that is not perfect is not you. There's only one provision, you must make sure that you allow everyone else to be at least as perfect as you are.

Thank you, and enjoy the video below.

Meir Ezra, A Piece of Truth For You

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