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What Destroys Your Circles Of Life?

If you inspect your life, you will see that it is composed of many circles.

There are close circles and further away there are more circles.

The circles that are closest to you are the ones that affect you the most.

What do you think would be one of the closest circles to you?

Well, some of the closest circles to you would be your mind, your body, and then you have your family, etc.

So, you have got all kinds of circles around you... yes?

Now, you will see that if you check any person around you, for example, your parents, if your parents are not really supportive of you, prior to that, something amazing happened.

What do you think that is?

The answer is surprising...

You gave them bad news.

You told them how bad things are.

You them something about how bad things are with you, the environment, etc...

You promoted bad.

The moment you go on this terrible diet of promoting bad or promoting bad news, you destroy those circles of life around you.

Later on, if you need help from your parents, they will want to help you, but they will help you in a different way...

They will definitely want to support you, but in a different way from what you want.


To get the full answer, watch the video below.

Thank you and all my love,

Meir Ezra

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