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There Is Money In Your Inbox!

What do you think if I told you there is literally money in your inbox...?

I know it sounds crazy or weird, but by the end of this blog you'll have a brand new view on it :)

Every time that I've spoken to people, or coached people on their emails, there were:

- Unopened emails

- Unanswered emails

- Unnoticed emails

And just overall dropped communications.

The person didn't get back to the people in their inbox!!!

And here is the fascinating thing: there was always lost income opportunities.

When I've seen a cluttered and full inbox that people are not handling fully, making sure they got to every single email, they miss income-generating opportunities - always.

They had a prospect interested in buying.

There was a gift coupon they missed.

There was a supplier offering a discount.

There was an invitation to a networking event.



Now, there are ways to get better at how to improve your inbox, how to be on top of your inbox, how to make sure that you don't miss anything and that nothing falls through the cracks...

If you're interested in that, you can get in touch with me and I'll tell you what I do, how I handle every single communication no fail, and how I get my inbox to zero.

Not a few here and there, but zero - handling my inbox so that nothing falls through the cracks so that I'm on top of every single communication.

It may seem impossible, but there is a way.

Get in touch and I'll explain it to you. But for now, just being aware not to miss emails, not to miss income opportunities, will be a gamechanger for you!

Thank you, and enjoy the video below.

Gal Ezra

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