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What Is The Real Dream? (Lesson From Kobe Bryant)

I saw a video yesterday by Kobe Bryant where he said something along the lines of the fact that going to sleep late from working long hours, waking up early to go and work... THAT struggle, THAT work, THAT effort, THAT is actually the dream.

That is living the dream.

So why does he say that is living the dream?

Most people want to take a holiday!

Most people don't want to work.

Most people say that, "No news is good news."

Most people want to avoid the work.

But why is what Kobe said the actual dream?

Because the truth is, and here's what Kobe Bryant was basically saying, and what is actually the case...

It's the effort that makes life worth living.

You do things for the work, for the effort.

You want to go in a specific direction... You work towards it.

That's the joy.

That's the game.

If you started playing basketball with a two year old, you would very quickly get bored, because there is no work.

But if it was somebody challenging: sometimes they beat you, sometimes you beat them, and it was a game...

Then it's actually fun!

There's effort towards a certain direction.

That is the whole joy of life, the effort!

You need to look at how to get into more things, how to work hard, how to push yourself more, how to stay up late and work late.

And I'm not saying get bad sleep, and I'm not saying to not take care of your body, but I'm saying that sometimes that's what it takes.

And you enjoy it because you're playing the game.

That is the dream.

So if today you feel like going to bed early, even though you have that thing to get done.

If you feel like not really doing what you know you should do...

Try to enjoy the effort of staying up a little later, just for the night, to get that one thing done.

Because there is nothing like that exhaustion at the end of a really productive day - getting into bed and going to sleep from the joy of the effort.

You earned it.

Now, you reward your body with a bit of sleep, you reward the body.

It's not that the body tells you to quit and then you need to go to sleep because the body said to.

No, you got it done.

You enjoyed it.

You're living the dream.

And now you can sleep a little.

I am sure that changes your viewpoint on it a bit.


If you enjoyed this blog, please share it! And check out the video below for more!

Thank you.

Gal Ezra

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