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Don't Be Busy...

They say, "If you want something done, give it to a busy person..."

Sounds good.

But why? And is it true?

If you were to give it to a busy person, won't they just not get to it and not get it done?

Something doesn't add up for me with that saying.

What you actually want is to give it to a productive person.

There are busy people that are busy doing nothing, but productive people get QUANTITIES of work done in a totally done manner.

What do I mean by a totally done manner?

They handle it fully!

It's not half done...

It doesn't need to be done again.

No, productive people get it complete, it's ready, it's done so well it's beautiful!

Now, a product is not just something that a customer buys.

A product is also something within your organization.

If my marketing guy creates an awesome image for social media, that's a product within the organization! If it was an image with lots of mistakes in it - that's not yet a product!

A product doesn't mean I have to sell it to someone else.

It's a product within the organization because it's something done which we can use and give something in return for. I pay my marketing guy based on the DONES he gives me.

We can use his product of an awesome image for social media, it can bring us results.

Or a product can be something you sell.

You're a factory that creates bottles, and that's the product that you sell - bottles.

So it depends, a product can be internal or external.

But bottomline:

It's something done, of value, that people will give you something in return for.

What you need to do is think about:

"How can I get a product with what I'm doing?

Can I give my boss a done product?"

If I'm the owner of the company:

"What is my product, and am I getting it done?

Am I doing it right? Is everything handled fully?

That is what a productive person put their attention on, and that is what you need to do.

Give the work to productive people, not busy people.

If you need help finding your product, or the product of one of your employees, speak to me and I will show you how to figure out what is the EXACT PRODUCT you create.

Thank you, and enjoy the video below.

Gal Ezra

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