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Why Aren't You Happy?


Happiness can be defined as: the overcoming of known obstacles towards a target.

Happiness is not reaching the top of the mountain - it's the climb.

It is interesting to note that within the definition of happiness contains the word obstacles. You need obstacles to be happy.

Yet those obstacles are obstacles you need to know about.

In other words, it's all good to play a basketball game outdoors, where you have the obstacles of wind, maybe some rain, you have the other team, there are rules - you have a game.

But if the obstacle of lightning hits (something you didn't know about) - not so happy. This is an obstacle that came out of nowhere.

And yes, while obstacles do come out of nowhere in life, most obstacles are obstacles you can choose to have (or not have) - they are within your control.

The obstacles of starting a new relationship, new business, going to the gym, leveling up in a sports team, hiring someone - these all come with good obstacles you create.

So you need to put obstacles there.

You need to know they are there.

And you need to play the game.

Getting out and joining a team - happy!

Meeting a new guy or girl - happy!

Starting your side hustle - happy!

Working towards fitting into your wedding dress - happy!

When you are sitting on the couch, not many obstacles - not so happy.

When you choose to do less in life - not so happy.

When you don't take care of your body - not so happy.

When you sleep too much - not so happy.

Your happiness comes from being PRODUCTIVE.

From knowing that obstacles come with any activity - and it's a GOOD thing.

That the more productive you get, the more obstacles you will have!

And that's actually a good sign.

And, as weird as it sounds, you need to look for MORE obstacles, not less.

Sink your teeth into a bigger and bigger game.

Take on more challenges.

Expand, don't contract.

Here is to your productivity! To your happiness!

Gal Ezra

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