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Love as a Viewpoint

You choose between life or death, love or hate, grow or succumb, and the interesting thing about life is, everything is interconnected. You cannot love your children and hate your neighbor. You cannot love yourself and hate your wife. It doesn’t work!

If your viewpoint is love, you will love.

If your viewpoint is hate, you will hate.

You will see that people who are really bigger than this universe like Jesus, Moses, MLK Jr., Mother Teresa, Nelson Mandela, Mahatma Gandhi—all those big beings who have been on this planet didn’t love a few people or a certain group only and not love the rest. Because in life, it is all connected. You cannot be healthy and unethical. You cannot hate and actually be rich; even if you have money, you are not rich when you are miserable. I know people who are extremely rich but not happy at all.

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