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Should You Work Hard?

Do you know the real meaning of hard work?

So all the time we hear this idea that you need to work hard.

"Hard work is important!"

"If you're not working hard you're not going to make it!"

And people think hard work = an effort and a struggle...

Well here's what I'm going to tell you that's different...

If you look up the word "hard" in the dictionary you'll be surprised to find that there's another definition there for the word.

That definition says that "hard" means: "Enthusiastically and with energy!"

So if you're working hard what does that mean?

It means you're working enthusiastically!

That's the definition that applies when people say hard work equals success.

They mean enthusiastic work, because working with effort and working with struggles is not going to lead you to success.

You are going to be miserable if you work with an effort and a struggle, and even if you have money, you won't have success.

So you need to work hard but hard meaning, putting joy into what you do!

If you bring the energy into what you do, you make it enthusiastic, and that will lead you to growth, to a nice environment to work in, and just overall real successful work that actually brings fruit from your labor... Not the effort and the struggle.

So yes, work hard... but WORK ENTHUSIASTICALLY!

Check out the video below for more :)

Gal Ezra

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