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Why Don't You Have What You Want To Have?

I want to talk to you about why you don't have what you want to have.

For example:

You want to have money - you really want to have money.

You work hard... So, why don't you have money?


You really love your children, you want love, why don't they love you back?

You want them to be amazing, why are they not amazing?

Why don't you have what you want to have?

That's the question.

Let me tell you the truth... And it is quite fascinating

You will have to the degree that you can confront. But what does this mean?

It means that most people believe that they can confront money, love, etc. but, the law is:

if you don't have it, you cannot confront it!

All while you believe that you can confront it, but the truth is that you can't!

You see, if you don't have love, you think, "I can confront love! I want it, I can look at it comfortably, sure! It's not a problem." And you're just dying to have love...

But the reality is you cannot confront love.

What you don't have you cannot confront, but you believe that you do!

The question is how do you realize that you are actually not confronting it?

If you don't have results, you need to report to yourself that actually you are not confronting it.

Anything you don't have results in, you cannot confront, and you need to learn how to confront.

Just that realization alone will be a game-changer for you.

To learn how to confront for real, I'd suggest that you join one of my free webinars and I'll definitely show you how to confront.

Thank you, and please enjoy the video below!

Meir Ezra

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